NEVER Be Bullied To Apologize!

Men continue to be castrated by the vile degenerates in our society.

Expecting men to say or do nothing, while others have free reign to say and do whatever the fuck they want!

Men are being bullied into apologizing for everything, from their skin color, their political beliefs, the food they eat, the books they read, their opinions, their social media posts and even their social media “likes”!

If you are a man who only apologizes because you are being bullied for something you said or did, you have lost your balls as a man!

A man should ONLY apologize for something he feels he said or did wrong, never for any other ballbag!

Offending someone is never a reason to apologize unless you feel you were in the wrong.

If you can’t stand your ground you are useless, and no man of value will respect you!

Castrated men are losers, they can’t be trusted, they are like the low lives of society.

No, actually a castrated apologetic man is worse than the low lives of society!

Despise the weak apologetic man!

Johnny Grube


  1. A God damn shame what men have become

  2. And it isn’t getting any better.

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