New Years Resolutions Are For Failures!

It is getting close to the end of the year and people will start to think
and tell people what their “New Year Resolution” we be, do yourself
a favor and STOP embarrassing yourself!

Most who make New Year Resolutions have been making the same
resolution for years, and every year they fail!

The reason you dummies fail is because most of you are drunk
when you make the resolution! And it’s the same old resolutions
like to STOP smoking, or the huge one is to lose weight.

Gym membership is MASSIVE in January, then by March not so
much, then by May it’s a ghost town!

Why do so many use the excuse and wait until the first of the year
to make a move?

Because they got something to look forward even though they
know they will fail like they have every year!

These people are NOT committed, if they were they would
the second they made a decision!

I have heard people say I will quit smoking right after I smoke
the last of this pack, and they fail!

You want to succeed in your goals but you lack the discipline, put
your MONEY up! $10 a month at Planet Fitness is NOT a
commitment, it’s easy to walk away from $10, make your goal
a commitment!

Find someone to hold you accountable and hold you, not letting
you out of the commitment no matter how much you kick
and scream!


Want to make health and fitness a life long habit?

Interview trainers, then find their most expensive plan, pay ALL
money up front, than make a Non negotiable contract that if
you quit you CAN NOT get out of the contract, then you tell them
you give up, and you forfeit your hard earned money!

If you aren’t willing to put up something of value or go though
a lot of pain you are fucking lying to yourself and will continue to
fail because you refuse to commit, and be held accountable!

So who will put their MONEY where their mouth is?


Find someone who doesn’t care if you get offended, find
someone who doesn’t care the way you feel, find someone
who is relentless!

Adversity Builds Strength!
Johnny Grube

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