No Matter What You Think Of Me Matters

I’m not always a complete wildman who hates almost everyone I come in contact with.

But I always try to be a good role model for my kids and now my seven grandkids.

Yes, my language is rough, but at least I’m not like the majority of parents who show their kids welfare, booze, drugs, obesity is nothing to be ashamed of!

I showed my kids how to work, be responsible, don’t conform to the masses, think for yourself, never follow the weak!

I’m always ready give a life lesson but isn’t always a popular one.

My oldest grandson 10 years old showed me his baseball trophy. I asked, what was it for? He said, for showing up!

I told my grandson to show me a trophy he earned not one his mom bought when she signed him up for baseball!

Same grandson in Wal-Mart, in the self check out. I was buying him some art supplies, and one product wouldn’t scan. I called over the young girl in charge of the self check out. She couldn’t get it to scan. She took the product, put it in my bag and said, “I guess it’s free!”

I took the product out of the bag and told her to find a manager, she figured it out, I paid and we left.

My grandson asked why I didn’t take it for free, I told him it wasn’t hers to give, she was stealing from her employer and we would have been stealing.

He didn’t understand. I asked him if your friend takes your bike and gives it to another friend, who’s bike is it? Mine.

I said, exactly!

Just the other day my four year old grandson was building a wall with some wooden building blocks, he came in upset, he said his wall fell.

I told him walls fall. He said, I liked my tower, I told him to go build a better wall and a stronger, better tower, he went to work!

I don’t have time to be timid, soft and weak, I’m getting older I need to stay even stronger to show my grandkids what a strong man is in a time where men are weak, transforming into women, and degenerate behavior is normal!

I will fail my family if I allow conformity for the sake of conformity.

You don’t have to like my politics, my views on the world, how I feel about mankind just know I live a more balanced, happier life, free of drugs or booze than the majority of society whether you believe it or not.

Stop lying to yourself trying to fit in, no one really cares, you are in it alone, with your family and closest friends no one else matters, as long as they look at you as legendary, no one else matters!

The most mean and unbalanced people are the ones who stands up and say they care, but only in words!

Johnny Grube


  1. Great work John.

    Hard work and self reliance. These are the qualities which make certain cultures great. I don’t want something for nothing. I am happy to work for what I have. I hate all these charity cases who want the government to take care of them.

  2. 99% of people would have taken the free shit. Hats off to you for walking it like you talk it.

  3. The USA was built by men like Grube , these fucking weak liberals should never forget that. The country they live in would not exist if it was left to those gutless bastards. Same goes for England and the UK in general. I live in the ruins of the world’s former greatest country and I am sickened how low we have sunk. To think we once had an empire containing one tenth of the world’s population , now we are supposed to apologise for it. Fuck that , I don’t apologise for my ancestor’s success. You don’t fucking like it , fuck off to some third world shithole and see how long your liberalism lasts there

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