No Need To Follow The Gym Culture!

There are a few reason I rarely use traditional gym culture training methods anymore, one reason being traditional weights are not always available without planning.

Like throwing a cinder block on my upper back and neck to get in a few fun reps of superman pushups, while getting in some neck isometric work.

I personally I  have had access to weights without driving to a gym, but like the feeling of not needing any equipment to get in an ass kicking workout.

I carry a few things with me, but nothing I can’t stick in a small back pack, most everything else I can find in my environment, like rocks or John Deere Combine and a strap for a quick 100 while on the road.

You have no fucking excuses, just weakness when you fall subservient to only one way of training.

Do something different, use your body and mind for something other than the typical gym culture!

Johnny Grube




  1. Respect the bodyweight workouts. Doing isolation work is a big waste of your time.

    Keep them posts coming John.

    Bodyweight training FTW!

  2. Keep kicking ass John

  3. John I love your fitness products. But your YouTube video was wrong people
    Suffer from low T(testoterone) ! Is a medical problem
    It effects a lot of older men. Excersice and diet are just a small portion
    I think you may want to go back an look at some of your facts
    One other thing you don’t need to do manual labor
    To be a man ! Love what you do

  4. Perry, not wrong. You telling me all young men today who have lower testosterone then 80 year old men ALL have medical conditions?

    You keep T levels high with daily physical activity, real foods, and bring exposed to all men did. Being fat also a T killer.

    Men today lack physical and mental toughness.

    All fact.

  5. @John

    Agreed wholeheartedly

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