No One Respects A Weak Man!

Men are supposed to be strong! If you are being taken care of but are capable
you are a weak man. You are the weakest of man! Little boys are taken care
of , men take care of themselves. Strong men, always rise above the weak man.

Weak men are cowards. Weak men stand for nothing. Weak men are TOLD
what to stand for. Weak men have weak values and principals.

Weak men lack balls, they are castrated sheep, following other weak sheep!

No one will ever follow a weak man except other weak men!

You can always tell the weak man, he is the man complaining about his life,
how nothing is going right. He is the man looking for sympathy, he is the
man who is the victim.

Strong men despise weak men! If you don’t spend time working on yourself
physically and mentally you will remain weak and prey for anyone who wants
to take what they want from you.

Women NEVER respect a weak man! Children don’t respect a weak man!
No one respects a weak man!

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. so spoke the weakest man of all, the one that cannot do even 10 pull ups or 10 one arm push ups.
    the one who brags about his strength, but only does sissy workouts with sissy weights. The one who couldnĀ“t do fullrangeofmotion push ups eben if his life would depend on it.
    it is so much fun to read this site! i love it!

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