No Sympathy To The Weak!

Any man who brags about injury is a sympathy whore.

Since the beginning of time men have worked and fought while injured, today when most men
get hurt in the gym they go into tough guy mode, and make an announcement on social media
about how tough they are and can’t train because they are injured.

While they lie on the couch crying for their wives or girlfriends to wait on them hand and
foot, they are looked at like a bitch.

So who are looking tough in front of?

What kind of guy gives sympathy to a gym injury? Another so called tough guy who compares

It’s part of gym culture, lift weights, get hurt and walk around like a hero.

Don’t get mad and think I would fuck this guy up, he only weighs about a buck sixty,
what does he know?

I know, I’m┬ánot a cry baby bitch looking for sympathy from other men, I know that my
wife or kids won’t be waiting on me.

Some of us have pride, some of us were raised tougher, some of us are wired different.

Showing weakness is not showing strength, its weakness, plain old weakness.

I have been hurt, have had surgeries and never mentioned it to anyone outside
my family, and I would never tell people on social media.

Don’t be this guy, be a man of strength don’t engage in weak conversations with
weak men.

It’s okay to get injured, it happens, but bragging and looking for a heroic high five when
injured is pathetic.

In my world, we tease the men who choose weakness, who choose being a victim, who are
always sick, they deserve to be shamed.

When someone says “showing your weakness, is showing strength is trying to validate
their weak mindset!

Don’t fall for this bullshit theory that showing weakness is strength.

Strength is strength and weakness is weakness!

It goes against nature. Animals that are weak and injured become prey.

If a man had to fight everyday he would never show his weakness, because he
knows he will be singled out and destroyed.

Comfort causes men to think weakness, tough times cause men to think strength.

Testosterone in men are down, because of comfort, lack of daily physical activity
and a weak mindset.

A man who doesn’t show weakness is a man who will be respected.

He will be known as a tough son of bitch!

I never said a man can’t have weak moments, everyone does, but a strong man will keep
them private and only let the people that are closest to him know of his struggle.

Would the men of the past, the warriors, vikings, barbarians, wildmen, and beasts be sitting
around talking about their weaknesses and injuries, or telling anyone about their feelings?


Johnny Grube


  1. What fucking joy do they get talking about injury ? Testosterone levels are at an all time low in men , I remember when handshakes were firm . Shaking the average man’s hand these days feels like shaking a woman’s hand . Men need to balls the fuck up !

  2. Good to see you back John

  3. Most of the time claiming injury is just an excuse. How many times I have heard males bragging about what they could do if only they didn’t have that shoulder injury !!
    Also it is some kind of fucked up badge of honour “I train so hard i hurt myself ” Where is the sense in that. Males who hurt themselves training are doing it wrong.

  4. People who brag about injury should be laughed at every single time they are seen.

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