Non – Conformity

I have some people say I’m miserable and I hate life, and I know
why. Because I don’t conform to the masses. I say what I want.
I’m not afraid to say things that other people are.

Unlike most people today who live their life drinking and taking
drugs ( muscle relaxers, pain killers, cocaine, anxiety meds etc.)
to get through the day, I do none of these things, no drinking
or drugs.

I’m not warm and fuzzy, I don’t care what people say I see things
the way they are. Most people like to think they have a special
circumstance as to the way they are or what they think, the truth
is they only want to hear what they think and anyone else who
is not on board with their thoughts are wrong.

I have been training for 30 years and lived a life of labor for 30 years
and have lived a pretty different life then most people I have also read
more then 2,500 books and listened to thousands hours of audio not to
mention the thousands and thousands of articles I have read. I speak from
knowledge and experience.

I will not sit and listen to what the world wants me to listen to, I will draw
my own conclusions and I will listen to the men and women who have done
it before me. We are being brain washed and we will continue to be brain
washed by government, medical associations, politics, religion and I’m
tired of listening. Until we can take responsibility and start thinking
for ourselves we will continue to be controlled and will always follow
the masses.

What does this have to do with training? Because we are being made to
think that you need to do some special type of training to get results.
We listen to the media and the magazines and the diet industries for
advice and to this point hows it been working? America is fatter then
ever and are still looking for the easy way out.

Want a simple solution? Save your money train at home using your
own bodyweight and what else you got at home, play sports go for
a walk or hike, go for a bike ride and eat natural foods and drink
water and there is no need for bottled water again you are being
scammed tap water is just as good and if you aren’t sure buy a water
filter your and body will take care of it’s self.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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