Not All Strength Is Created Equal

Not all strength is created equal.

Today the majority of men who go to the gym, rarely get stronger than a 1980’s high school senior!

Men have no purpose other than looking good in the mirror, talking about lifting heavy, but their numbers are not heavy!

I see on social media guys that post their lifts and I have to wonder did you do anything as a kid?

Did you participate in anything physical?

The sad thing is the kids today are physically and mentally weaker than any other time, these kids will grow into weak men.

Few kids will grow into men who will be able to protect and provide for a family.

A man doesn’t need to lift traditional weights to get strong, but they need to do physical things through their life to build strength to be a capable man.

There are disabled men who are strong capable men, yet men with no disability have become disabled incapable men through society brainwashing!

Training changed for me many times over the last 38 years of training, when the training I did no longer served my purpose I would find a better way!

Today big men all over social media who praised being overweight in the name strength are now are all trying to drop weight. Why?

Because it because a burden, you get old fast, your body starts responding like an old man, injuries don’t heal, you lose your youth.

There is nothing honorable destroying yourself for a fragile ego!

I would never oppose strength, I have always loved strength and speed football running backs are strong and fast, wrestlers are strong and fast, boxers are strong and fast.

When the time comes and you can’t go hard for one minute, you are a weak man, when the time comes you are no longer durable, you are a weak man, when injury and constant pain controls your life you are a weak man.

I train for physical conflict and survival.

Training for physical conflict and survival requires strength and speed.

I would rather pound the heavy bag hard for a few minutes than a few minutes of burpees, because hitting the heavy will enable me to throw punches longer and build stronger punches, the burpee will not.

But a few burpees will enable me to get off the ground quickily, hitting the heavy bag will not.

Find what works until it stops than change it!

Johnny Grube


  1. Marovsky says

    Fuck yeah!!!

  2. The Heavybag is one of the greatest training tools to man . I believe when a man works hard labor that the Heavybah is indeed one of the staples of training other things are not that much useful . Not to say,other moves shouldn’t be used . But I believe like you said … If it doesn’t benefit our lifestyle then I don’t see the point. Good article John

  3. Another benefit of hitting the heavy bag, some believe, is that is increases bone density and strengthens connective tissue.

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