Not Everyone Can Handle The Toughness Of A Blue Collar Lifestyle.

Not everyone can work in a blue collar environment all their lives.

It’s tough!

For years I have been looking to leave manual labor work, but I can’t think of anything I would rather do!

I love it!

Blue Collar work builds a physical and mental toughness you can’t get in a gym one hour a day.

A Blue Collar worker is constantly using his body, sweating, bleeding, bruised and beat the fuck up, from years of being exposed to a harsh, no bullshit, politically incorrect culture.

Blue Collar work has a pride factor, it keeps you hardened, tough and strong and gives you a tough attitude.

We were constantly being tested, whether it was feats of strength, wrestling matches, constant ball busting, harassment, no one was safe, no one was off limits, it was primal!

Most laborers who take time off for sickness or injury on a regular basis are not respected, they are the weak on the street, they have few alies, and are not trusted!

Most men think by working in a gym, they are building some kind of toughness, as if just being around the fucking weights make them tougher.

A big chest and big arms doesn’t mean much when you have a scrawny neck, a big mouth and a glass jaw…. you will still get dropped!

So what is the point?

The point is, you walk out of the gym all puffed up, open your big mouth, you might get dropped!

Because there are some hard hitting motherfuckers out there, that are hardened, tough, mean, and like to fight!

Johnny Grube



  1. 60 plus hours a week plus training . I wouldn’t have it any other way . I love the sweat & grind. I earn my meal and rest each day

  2. Even the ones who have a small frame can still overpower a puffed up bodybuilder.

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