Nothing Weaker Than A Man Who Supports Social Justice.

When I write it’s for like minded people, people who I would  talk to, not for people I would NEVER spend a second with.

I hate fucking sissies, me and my friends hate sissies, we don’t like weakness, when we hang out and talk like most men we talk about man things!

Easily offended men are ridiculed, laughed at and despised and they get no respect!

Weak easily offended men should find other weak easily offended men to spend time with and wipe their pussies!

Actually, men who are offended by me online, if they ever heard my conversations would never open their faggot mouth (unless to suck a dick) and say a word. 

I was talking to a man today and we talked about the degenerate behavior and lack of responsibility in society, and talking about those subjects offends a lot of men, who can’t even be considered men.

Men who are easily offended are weak men who talk about social justice and no man who supports social justice can ever be considered a man.

An example, our constitution gives us the right to free speech but the degenerates in society call everything hate speech!

Idiots don’t understand free speech IS hate speech, plus hate speech is a made up bullshit term to get people in trouble or to ruin them!

My personal opinion, is if someone fucks with someone’s ability to earn a living, to feed their families because they get triggered because they disagree with them, the person hurt by the pussy bullshit, should be able to hunt that person down, drag him in the street and beat him with a fucking bat making him unable to provide for his family!

Offended yet? 

You weren’t invited!


  1. Fuck weak men . Weak men are ruining this world one day at a time . Glad to see you back John . Been seeing alot of weak fucks wearing drug recovery t-shirts . If you ask me … Their fucking weak asses should’ve never touched the drugs to begin with

  2. Chuck, hope all is well with the new family.

    Only a victim looking for sympathy would let people know they were scumbags.

  3. @Johnny Grube

    All is well with the family . Daughter turned 8 months today . She’s standing on her own already , not walking yet but crawling all over the place and fast !

    And I agree with you on these victim role bastards.

  4. Social justice my arse , what it really is , it’s social engineering. These weak non-achievers are trying to rebuild society to suit them because they have failed totally to accomplish anything for themselves. They feel better in the company of other losers and degenerates , and would rather drag other people down than raise themselves up.

    The only true justice is natural justice .

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