Old School Gyms Were Breeding Grounds For Strength And Toughness!

Weakness is corrupting our society, and men are more effeminate,
most of the gyms today are breeding grounds for weakness!

The Gym For Effeminate Men!

To many people train for vanity! They exercise in air conditioned environments
with tanning beds, juice bars and other shit!

Below is a Cuban wrestling gym, and it barely has any equipment! No fans
and no AC! Yet they continue to put out world class wrestlers and boxers!

Training in an air conditioned room builds weakness! Training should be
used to build strength and toughness!


Old School Cuban Wrestling Weight Room


A lot of people who only know me from social media have no idea
if I’m the real deal or a person trying to reinvent myself behind
closed doors.

Well, it’s real easy to check on someone, and find if they are who
they say they are, and I can tell you since I was young I have been
the same person never kissing anyone’s ass or trying to be someone
I’m not.

I NEVER trained in an air conditioned environment! Air conditioning
breeds weakness! Fancy equipment breeds weakness! Trainers of
a 2 day seminars breed weakness!

I started in Karate early, around 10 years old and the dojo did NOT
have AC. I first started weight training outdoors around 12 years old
my first bench was two kitchen chairs and a piece of plywood, my first
dip rack was an old ladies walker, which could easily handle 100 lbs
of extra weight  then I moved in to the high school gym which did
not have AC

Then after high school I trained in iron style gyms, gyms that had mostly free
weights, they had Olympic training platforms, dead lifting floors, chin and
dipping racks, many benches and a lot of places to do squats but very few


Owner of Granites Gym in Runnemede NJ..Granites Gym..II..The Health Club..Bellmawr N.J...Steven Kenji Tazumi

The picture on the left was the first Iron gym I joined.

Then I got tired of dealing with those people and I started training
on my own in a cinder block garage ” The Dungeon”¬† with no AC,
fan or heat.

I bought about 3,000 lbs of Olympic plates had an 8′ power
rack built from angle iron with a diamond plate floor and
an Olympic bench some dumbbells and that was all I needed.

In the summer I called it death valley, it got so hot you would be
in a full sweat in about 3 minutes! I wanted to build toughness
not weakness!

Even when I stopped training with heavy weights I still trained in
the garage, it just was a tough environment I enjoyed.

Even the picture below is an old school gym that is still going
after 54 years run by the same man who is 82 years old!
checkout the link below the picture and get ready to be
inspired by old school training and watch the short video!

Doug’s Gym Dallas Tx since 1962


My personal gym today is so basic it also has no fan, AC
or heat. My gym is a place to build physical and mental
toughness, and whether I’m in my sweat box garage or
in the back yard or in a park running the hills or doing
weighted hill carries strength is being built, NOT

“Old school training and old school traditions build
old school strength and toughness!”


Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube









  1. John King says

    100 % love this post Johnny. I used to lift at the Boys (NOT GIRLS) Club back in the 80s-90s. No heat, ac or dans. I don even remember a water fountain. I recently got a cheap membership at a gym near my house, was going at 5 every morning. I fucking hated the people! In the 2 months I went I got into shit with 2 assholes. Fuck it, I run my neighborhood roads, do bodyweight exercises, jump rope and shadow box in my garage. I know you advocational sprints but I love distance running. When you’re built like I am it’s just as much mental toughness to get 5-8 miles a day as sprints! !

  2. Anthony Romayo says

    Great article. My first exposure to a gym ever was the Orange ymca, Orange n.j. I was a year into training and never had exposure to a squat rack. That’s where i learned how to lift. All the dudes there were seasoned lifters with many years under their belt. Every fuckin one of them were helpful and Non judgemental MAKING me train the right way. Now at 55 and totally into calisthenics the kill or be killed mantality stayed with me for all these years. There are too many pussys that think you should be in a calm or mellow atmosphere. Ask Rocky Marciano if that was the case. He would’ve trained in his sleep if he could have.

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