Old School Isometric Horse Stance/Holding Two 15 Dumbbells.

I post these simple videos because they are effective, they don’t get much respect, and when I was young wouldn’t have given them any respect either.

I was brainwashed. I learned from what I had excess to, and it was magazines like Muscle and Fitness, Iron Man, Strength and Health etc.

Glad I got smart! And started paying attention to old strong men, and remembering my own experiences with strength from men who never stepped inside a gym.

Isometrics will truly strengthen your mind and body as one, it will repair injures, and strengthen joints, tendons, and ligaments.

By now you should know I post NOTHING I don’t have first hand experience with.

Isometrics are so versatile, that you can do so many different things you never get bored.


Get down and hold a Horse Stance while holding two 15 lb dumbbells at a 90° angle for 90 seconds.

Holding a Horse Stance is tough, even tougher with 30 lbs extra, then add the position you are holding the weight, with makes it  tougher yet!

You will struggle, you will start to breathe heavy, you will start to feel pain, and that 90 seconds is a long time.

Do these or exercises like these several times a day and find lost strength!

Johnny Grube


  1. Great article John Grube,

    I will try the horse stance with a backpack. Simplicity is the best thing. I already did the squat hold with a backpack for 3 mins, legs were burning like Hell itself.

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