Old School Isometric Horse Stance Training Straddling a 100 lb Barbell.

I don’t need 35 ways to make my legs strong I only need one!

Another version of strength and conditioning using old school isometric horse stance training.

It’s simple, use smaller plates if you have them or elevate yourself off the ground if using bigger plates.

Straddle the barbell, pick it up, and lower into a Horse Stance and hold the position for 30 to 90 seconds.

Using a barbell will make it hard to balance so your grip will get some work.

Laborers are strong from constant movement, and isometrics, and the isometric hold is where everyone fails, people focus on the movement part of the exercise, and get injured in the weakest part of the muscle!

I do Isometrics because they work better than thought and don’t get the respect they deserve!

Look to the durable man for advice, not the big guy complaining about injury!

Johnny Grube



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