Old School Natural Strength!

People seem to forget I’m not a gym owner, or live in the gym,
train people in the gym, I haven’t been in a traditional gym in
over 20 years, I never train traditional reps and sets, I use mostly
bodyweight type training with added weight, rarely train more
than 10 minutes a day, but have an above average level of
strength and conditioning!

I live my life as a manual laborer, not a trainer, I eat well, I don’t drink or smoke!

Carrying 40 lb dumbbells (80 lbs total) at a bodyweight of around 158 lbs might not
be or sound impressive, but carrying them for a 1/2 mile without dropping them or
putting them down is fucking tough!

Some guys have great grip strength and fail on conditioning, some are
conditioned be
are weak in the grip, conditioning plays a huge role in
this distance!

I actually HATE  the “Gym Culture” my rules are different from the “Gym Culture”,
men today are spending more money on training, supplements, training equipment,
training programs, books, etc and men today are physically and mentally weaker,
sicker, fatter than just 10 years ago.

It’s a fact, western men have had a drop in testosterone for many years, now
men are
taking the easy way out by honoring steroid abuse, or testosterone
therapy, and I’m
the bad guy because I think it’s weak!

I believe the reason for western men testosterone decline is the LACK of real
daily physical labor on a regular basis, a man who does daily rigorous back 
breaking labor can NOT be an effeminate man!

You will find more sensitive and effeminate men in a gym then you will
on a construction
site or a loading dock!

The men of past never needed steroids, they were strong from hard daily labor, they
weren’t reading books, taking supplements and I knew plenty of strong men who never
walked in a gym and who NEVER took any supplements!

As I’m writing this I just stopped grabbed a 50 lb rock walked it 10 yards, dropped
it, picked
it back up repeated it 10 times than picked it up and dropped it and did
that a quick 25 times,
nothing hard, but just a little manual labor, and I did this two
different times, the way man was
intended to live, labor through the day.

Not hard, but simple and effective.

I have seen many take steroids in my gym years, stop using and lose a ton a size and strength,
and over hear people saying things like “he used to be huge,” “he is no where as strong as he
was”, “well that is what stopping steroids use does”.

I guess I don’t want my kids or grand kids to look back and say ” He was strong, but used steroids”

My 28 year old son would hear stories from the dads, of kids he hung out with, about how strong
I was and yes it makes me proud, and it made him proud of that reputation!

As far as using steroids being moral or immoral I don’t care, for me personally I would know
that without the drugs I would NOT be as strong or big, to me its a fucking big lie!

But, I was NEVER a weak kid like so many guys claim,  in grade school I was faster than most,
could do 15 pullups even though I didn’t start training until age 12, I was bench pressing on a
universal machine 200 lbs in 7th grade, did 22 one arm push ups in 8th grade, I was dead lifting
400 lbs in 9th grade and bench pressing 330 lbs in 12th grade at around 150 lbs

In my early years I did attempt to get steroids three different times and all three times I failed,
so I figured it was the universe telling me to stay away, and I never tried again, and I was as strong
as any guy taking steroids that I knew, and I did it naturally!

If steroids were legal, I would NOT take them, but it’s because I want to be remembered as a
strong man naturally, WITHOUT the help of drugs.  I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs so why the
fuck would I take steroids, not to mention people that use steroids also have other addictions
like drugs and alcohol.

And while other people write about it, read about it and somehow become the experts on it while
they earn their living in the gym, they have very little experience if any, as living as a manual laborer,
they really are clueless. I fucking live it everyday, so fuck your text books, fuck your opinions about
a lifestyle you no nothing about!

I’m NOT a “Strongman” but I am a Strong Man!

 Johnny Grube


  1. Andrew stone says

    Well said!

  2. BrooklynChuck says

    HELL FUCKING YEA!!!!! Fuck all these red pill preacher mfks. All I need is wild man training.com! Fuck all those wanna be pretty boy type mfks! You make me proud to live as a hard worker! Atleast I know there’s still real men out there.

    Keep the articles coming John. Loving it!

  3. Steroids is like signing the death contract, gym rats wanna get strong even at the expense of their health. Men are weak for taking steroids, only hoping to get strong. Here’s Johnny Grube giving you some lessons to help you back on track.

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