Old school pushup bars for old school muscle building

Almost every kid when I was growing up had a set of pushup bars or handles. Some used them for a
short time others just threw them in their closet and were never looked at again. I have many sets
of pushup bars, all look different. Some higher then others, but work all the same.

Pushup bars never went away. You can stillĀ  find them almost anywhere. They will add another
dimension to your training. You don’t need pushup bars, you can use yoga blocks, phone books,
a couple of chairs and will get the same effect.

Pushup bars will give you a bigger stretch then regular pushups and take stress off of the wrist.
Pushup bars are more versatileĀ  then most new trainers know. You can use a bunch of different
variations and build strength and muscle from all angles using pushup bars.

Johnny Grube showing 5 different pushups using pushup bars

If you have a set of pushup bars around grab them out of the closet or out
of the basement and start using them. These will give you a great workout
that will build muscle and strength.

Another trick to boosting your number of pushups is to use pushup bars
for a while then try doing regular pushups without the bars you will be
able to do more and do them faster.

Be careful of the full lock out because of the stress it puts on your elbows.

Try the short 50 pushup workout in the video.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

P.S. Keep checking for more pushup videos.

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