Old School Training Vs Technology and Science!

There are constant arguments as to the strength, speed or fighting of the
greats of the past compared to the athletes of today.

Many people will tell you today’s athletes are stronger, faster or tougher than
the greats of the past, but I disagree and have always disagreed.

The below video shows world class Canadian sprinter who has run a 9.9 100 meter
but put in the same condition that Jesse Owens ran in the 1936 Olympics. Owens
ran a 10.3 in the same condition track and shoes and no starting blocks he ran a
pedestrian 11.0 flat!

Now I did run track in high school and I ran on both a cinders track and rubber
track and the times are huge compared to the two surfaces. I wasn’t world class
but I had the experience running on the different surfaces.

Paul Anderson the last American heavyweight to ever win a gold medal in the
Olympics, Anderson had no special supplements, steroids, or science helping him.
Anderson didn’t use knee wraps or thick weight belts and neither did other strong
men of that time. If these men had that excess it would be crazy to think these men
wouldn’t have been still the best of the past and present. Ever see a man Anderson’s
size rep out handstand pushups like that?

Never taking anything from athletes today, I think it was a time where athletes
were stronger and faster because they had to be. They had no special equipment
so they probably built more strength and speed just through training in a
crude environment. Mentally they were tougher because of the time
they lived.

I know that years after I dropped the knee wraps, belts and wrist wraps I actually
got stronger because these aids help, but they don’t allow the muscles and tendons
to strengthen after I stopped I felt stronger and was less injured.

These men didn’t have the access to the drugs that are massively ever used in today’s
athletics. I think the experts use the excuses of drugs and bench shirts and all other
aids as to getting stronger knowing that without they would lose tremendous strength
without training aids.

It’s just like the man who wears the stretchable back brace to do manual labor. Do you
think this helps or hurts? For one thing it weakens the back. With it he will start to
rely on a support aid instead of relying on his own muscular strength, so when he doesn’t
wear it the slightest movement will injure him.

Even today I use no special training or supplements other than basic food
and seem to do alright not to mention my body has gotten stronger from
years of labor, a job where men aren’t wrapping their knees or wearing back
braces to do their job.

I will take OLD SCHOOL TOUGHNESS over Technology and science because
I want to rely on myself and not some gimmick that makes me stronger

Strength Builds Toughness

Johnny Grube














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