Old School Weighted Isometric Horse Stance Training

There is no need to ever make training complicated. The simple video is as old school as old school training could be.

I will constantly use basic training exercises throughout my work day, to keep my body and mind sharp while building physical and mental toughness.

Using a cinder block for extra weight of course makes this exercise much tougher, even without the extra weight it is still a mental and physical test. It’s great for strengthening your thighs and knees, as well as the mind!

I don’t believe the body is made for just one long training session a day or three times a week, I believe we are to be as physical as our lives allow us.

The old school horse stance is a strength builder, a weakness destroyer, it’s an exercise that will build a strong foundation making you harder to move if you are ever in a physical altercation!

Never ever think that simplicity leads to ineffective, simplicity leads to no bullshit, workable strength and conditioning!

Complicated will leave you looking for the newest training program thinking some new exercise will make the difference only realizing that you have wasted time with no results and pissing you off!

You can’t go wrong training old school!

Johnny Grube



  1. They burn like HELL once you hold the stance long enough.

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