Older and Stronger – Superman Pushups Wearing a 75 lb Back Pack.

I like to test myself to see how I’m holding up as I get older.

I have never used this much weight with a Superman Pushup but was happy to get three reps with 75 lbs, I’ve could have done five or more, but was just testing my overall body strength.

I do NOT do these daily, I don’t specifically train for them, but seem to be getting stronger!

The most I ever did, I believe was five reps using a 60 lb back pack years ago, which is also on video.

I don’t know how this helps anyone by watching, or reading other than you can still get older and do better than yesterday.

75 lbs is no joke!

Can others do it? Probably somewhere. But, I can bet there isn’t many.

There is no other reason to do this than to test, and yes a little ego, but, man needs a test now and then to keep himself honest!

I don’t think about failing, I just go and do it. It’s just a gauge of where I’m at.

Test yourself, or get weaker!

Johnny Grube



  1. Glen MacCharles says

    Seventy-five pounds is definitely no joke considering 50 lbs is the most weight you can “legally” lift by yourself at work.

  2. Speaking of testing one’s self, I found a steel nail on a sidewalk, was a little rusty on the surface, I bent it as hard as I can and snapped it in two.

  3. Marovsy, You are a fucking beast!

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