Only The Strong Survive

This is really true. The only way to survive is to be strong physically and
mentally. Are you strong enough to get yourself out of a jam? Is your
physical and mental fitness enough? Or are you weak in one or both

In ancient times it was mostly physical, kill or be killed. You had to hunt
for food you and you had to work extremely hard.

Today we don’t live as physical as we should, we take it easy, we eat
way to much.

Stress is a killer. We work to many hours. We are on all types of medication.

We have so many physical and mental diseases we can’t count.

We have brought these things on ourselves. We are softer physically and
mentally. We are taught nowadays to stay in school go to college so you
can get a great job.

Work with your head not your back. What do you think is killing us the physical
labor or the non-physical labor? The way I see it, it’s the white collar workers
that wind up highly stressed, overweight and diseased.

Not that this doesn’t happen to physical laborers, it does, but not as nearly as
much as the man who gets no exercise except to get out of his chair for lunch
or to go to the bathroom.

Look around most of the sick, fat and weak are living a sit down lifestyle. We
were never as sick as we are now and with all the advancements in
science and everyone eating better food and taking better care of themselves

and we are still getting more and more diseases. Men and women are looking
older and sicker and it seems that it will only get worse. So to survive in this
high pressure world of work, bad nutrition, physical and mental stress we need
to be no our A game, we need to care a little more about out health and fitness.

We need to eat right, exercise and find ways to keep stress low.

Because Only The Strong Survive!

Try this quick 10 minute workout:

Jump Rope for 1 minute then drop down into a pushup position and
just hold the position for 1 minute. Then repeat back and forth for
10 minutes.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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