Over training bullshit! Part 1

Really, over training? When someone gets injured the first thing most people
think is they are over training. I do believe people need to rest but the majority
really think by treadmill training or kettle bell swinging or doing hundreds of
pushups they are over training.

All the years I have been training and it’s over 30 years my injuries always come
from doing something stupid. It wasn’t from over training. The body can be pushed
farther than people think, as a matter of fact people stop way short of what they are
capable of. Their mind gives in way before their body does.

So if I have a job and I have to physically pick up 3,000 45lb boxes in an 8 hour shift
totaling 135,000 pounds and do it 5 days a week for 5 months, by gym standards I would
be over training. If I swing a 45lb kettle bell 500 times a day in any session 5 days a week for
5 months how many would figure this to be over training?

Heavy weight and low reps training, there is more rest time then training time, how could
you be over trained?

I can imagine working the body physically at work in a manual labor job and calling out
because of over training or being tired, you would not be working very long.

It’s easy for people to talk about this who sit behind a desk all day every day. The gym
community is the only one’s that over train. People that do manual labor just get tired.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Your experience with training to failure with weights, training with weights for low reps to point where one more rep is not possible, is OVERtraining and is what to led to injury. My hunch is that it woke you up to value of BW and high reps. I think it is dangerous because of strain to joints and tendon. I think it is one of those things that is hard to define but you know it when you feel it. You are right that it is used an excuse to do less that we can.

  2. adventuremike says

    Johnny is right to a point. Tired and overtraining can be two different things. Injuries a third. I was recently following a body weight training program for a while now. I injured my shoulder on a fall in the mountains. I rested it a bit then elected to workout through the pain. A huge mistake! Now my shoulder is really f.d up! I took the don’t be a wimp approach and it was wrong. Johnny I have to say that I admire the strength displayed by manual labor workers but you have to give three office folks credit for trying to do both? And some of us can use or minds and bodies pretty efficiently. Cheers.

  3. I agree with adventuremike: over training and overuse injuries are two different things. Overuse injuries can occur through repetitive stress. Some pain is good for gains, some pain is a warning sign and shouldn’t be ignored. It takes some experience and good body feeling to be able to know what is what. Some pain in the muscles or the soreness after training is normal. Joint pain, that does not go away and becomes worse and worse very time you train is bad and probably needs treatment.

    Overtraining as such is a state of chronic fatigue, that doesn’t resolve with a day or two rest. It is not just the body, that can’t perform, it is a state of lack of motivation and all kinds of psychological problems. Manual labourers have a huge amount of power output, I agree. But some of them still have chronic conditions especially as the get older. And there are the lucky ones who can take whatever they throw at their bodies and never injure themselves. I think it is not all black and white.

  4. I agree 100%. No such thing as over training. I have done power lifting, prison, power lifting, and now back to my prison workout (but not in prison LOL).

    The body is WAY stronger than people know.

  5. I must agree with Mr. Grube.
    No such thing as over exercising…bull poop.
    Train work every day.
    Less sleep eat some.
    Keep up the bodyweight reps till they come out from your bowels!
    Learn from Wildmans he lives his talk unlike other ego trainers.
    John method is real say I….Monfongo!!!

  6. Overtraining is a TOTAL SCAM. It was perpetuated by the bodybuilding industry so lifters will workout less then blame their lack of gains on their genetics so to make up for it they go out and buy a shit ton of supplements. Only PUSSIES claim they are overtrained, just as only PUSSIES claim they are ‘hardgainers’ and thus use that as the excuse for not making gains.

    The term “hardgainer” actually refers to 99.9% of the training public, so it makes me want to fucking puck when some loser who can’t lift shit says their lifts suck anf they’re skinny because they are a hardgainer with bad genetics. Man the FUCK up all ready, jesus fucking christ.

    A few of my friends have spent some time in prison, and every single one of them are big as fuck and followed basically the same routine: they bench presses, barbell curled, and squatted nearly every single day, usually for 5 sets of 6-10 reps at around 65% of their 1rm. I’ve been lifting for 20 years and until i started training like my prison friends i got pretty damn strong but looked nowhere near their size until i started “overtraining”.

    You pussies need to just shut the fuck up and lift. Quit your bitching, quit with your excuses of being a hardgainer (ALMOST EVERYONE IS A FUCKING HARDGAINER, YOU FUCKING MORONS!) and either lift or sit your fat lay ass on the couch and watch t.v.

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