Overweight? Athletic or Just Jelly Filled

So if you’re fat it’s my fault? If you’re fat it’s societies fault. If you’re fat it’s genetics.
People who get upset and defensive taking on the fight for the fat people have no fight!

People make excuses all the time for everything in their lives and blame everyone
and  thing. I don’t know if you noticed more than half the population is overweight or
obese and I’m not talking about athletic people with muscle mass I’m talking the jelly
filled ones.

Don’t think there is a problem, why all the diet books, exercise programs, DVD infomercials
supplements everywhere everyday? It’s not because no one is fat, it’s because almost
everyone is extremely overweight. I’m not saying you need a ripped body just less body fat.

I  the people which seems to be everyone has some genetic problem and yes it’s called
over eating and no movement. I see it everywhere I go, and if you open your eyes and
actually look you see fat people on scooters, using canes, filling basket after basket of soda
processed foods, fast foods, you name it everything junk unless you call ketchup a vegetable.

If you were an overweight kid more than likely you sat in the house eating junk food
and with no movement. I grew up with very few fat kids and the ones that were didn’t
do much.

We ran, jumped, rode bikes, climbed, wrestled and played lots of sports and never worrying
about food, fun was more important then food. Today kids and adults are fatter then ever,
bad genetics? No, try video games, excessive food and very little movement.

If you were a thinner in the younger days and are now fat you probably have no genetic problem
just a eating problem and a very little movement problem. You don’t like it suck it up and do
something about it. It comes down to lifestyle choices all most always!

People talk about living in a less polluted country with a greener way of life, fat people cause big
issues, they consume more so they create more trash. They waste gas because the heavier they
are the more gas they waste, it costs more in fuel when the majority of people are fat to fly an
airplane. It costs more in lost wages, more in medical costs, more in lost productivity.

So be pissed and if you are it means you’re probably fat and are offended which means you
should NOT be here reading this blog!

With all the educated people out there you figure they could find help and not excuses,
I do understand most peoples health is not priority and that I can NOT figure out.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. The problem is refined carbohydrates, and sugary drinks high in fructose which everybody consumes too much of. You can’t out run a bad diet, doctors in the UK claim there is just the same amount of physical activity youth do today as they did 30 years ago. The difference is all the refined fructose and carbs. Exercise builds strength, and offers a ton of other benefits but it doesn’t help you lose weight if you just eat all those carbs back.


  2. youre looking sharp!

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