Own Your Training Environment!

Weak men are built by living weak lives.

Running late working on my 12th hour of work, and no lunch I needed to get in a workout.

I used the lift gate of my truck and a 50 lb, hard to handle cylinder, I did 100 step ups wearing steel toe boots in a little over four minutes.

I never wait for the perfect time to train, I don’t need special equipment.

I own my environment!

This wasn’t easy just look at how the cylinder was held, cradled in my arm while gripping the smooth bottom, basically an isometric hold.

For every 25 I switched sides, throwing and switching the position of the cylinder.

Weight is weight it doesn’t matter, but not all weight is created equal.

Most men lift using a easy to grab bar, balanced plates or machines, which is unnatural to man.

Animals hate a cage, but men confine themselves to a cage to workout!

Just the other day while working I found two milk crates and managed 380 step ups in 10 minutes on lunch.

I always look for effective ways to train outside what the fitness culture deems effective training!

A great strength, conditioning and durability workout can be done with almost anything.

Try this workout using a rock or dumbbell, I like the rock, it feels rugged in my hands and natural.

Walk off 10 yards, pick up the rock, curl it up, supporting with your arms only, no resting it to your body, and walk 10 yards and drop the rock, then immediately pick it up again and walk back 10 yards, repeating as long as you can, for rounds or a set time.

Not resting the rock against your body just holding it is a great isometric arm builder.

First time I did the workout I finished in under 10 minutes, for 50.

Isometrics are how laborers are built, with long static holds.

Having size no longer bothers me, it’s actually a hindrance for me, constant movement with extra bodyweight over time kills the your joints.

Actually while writing this I’m sitting hear watching a Coke delivery driver, mid 50’s built like a caveman short and thick, massive set of calves moving around like a machine!

I can almost guarantee he has been doing this for 30 years or more, because middle aged men don’t usually start over in a physically demanding job.

I can also bet the majority of his strength if not all of his strength is from constant hard work.

Want to know if someone is a hard worker, watch the way he moves.

Just remember that you don’t need a gym, supplements, or steroids to get strong.

Men have been strong and tough for millions of years without heavy bench presses!

Always find a way to get stronger!

Johnny Grube


  1. Marovsky says

    My training environment is my own room, where it can be hot as fuck or cold as fuck when the seasons change.

  2. @Marovsky

    FUCK YEA !!!!!

  3. This kind of stuff kills bodybuilder types. Real world strength

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