Pathetic People Turn to Drugs and Booze!

How pathetic does your life have to be for you to turn to drugs
alcohol as a way to cope?

If this is you, or a friend or family member they were weak! Do these
people deserve the respect of others when they destroy their lives and
the lives of others?

You will never get respect from me! You destroy your life, you
are selfish!

You chose to start doing drugs and drinking alcohol, you were the weak
one, you decided your life and the life of your family did not matter.

So why the fuck should anyone give you the attention or sympathy?

We all have demons, but strong men battle their demons with
they don’t let the demons decide who they become!

A strong person battles with all they have, they fight like a wildman against
the weakness that they have inside them, fuck society telling you it’s not
your fault, it is 100% your FUCKING fault, and the people that enabled
the person to continue their path of destruction!

More people need to get fucking angry and deal with their situation
instead of looking for sympathy, get fucking angry and deal with
your demons like a fucking demon!

If you defend their actions of drug and alcohol abuse you are just as at
fault, maybe people that get so offended are offended because the truth
is to real for them. And another pathetic part is that no one wants to have
the conversation! Compassion supersedes what the fuck is going on!


I don’t want to hear how insensitive I am or what you are feeling about me,
the problem is you should be pissed at the real person who caused you these
feelings, and that would be the person who is abusing drugs or alcohol!

No one respects a man or women that has such little self control
or respect!

You can tell yourself until your blue in the face it’s a disease, yeah a disease
of weakness, a weakness that you let destroy you! Instead of fighting back
you decided to give in, you fucking quit on yourself and your family!

Is this the legacy you want to leave?

Strength Builds Toughness
Johnny Grube

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