People Think I’m A Mean Person.

People who are offended by the things I say are pussies!

There are a ton of men who have become weaker, effeminate and can’t get a women, and ALWAYS say they don’t want a women and then lash out at the strong while living at home with mommy and daddy.

Men today are going to leave a legacy of weakness, jerking off to porn, keyboard battles from mommies safe space, no women and fatherless!

Never try to help the weak UNTIL the weak  seek out strength and NOT excuses.

Weak geeks have no place at the man’s table!

Live With Strength!



  1. Keep writing the truth!

  2. Ak calderon says

    Awesome article my main man! I’ve read it for 3 hours straight! Anyway I got a question, see a man called me out to a strength challenge and I chose to decline and ran like a little bitch. The man then kept chasing after me like a lion chasing its weak scared prey, but I kept running because I’m a pussy ass bitch. My question is, how do I grow the balls to take his challenge like a real man would?

  3. Johnny Grube says

    I already embarrassed you.

  4. Travis Donovan Mcqueen says

    hey sir are you gonna be making any more copies of the wildman training manual? I loved the 5-10 mintue one sir on Amazon very well done. I will have to say something my great grandfather was a logger in east texas he made railroad ties and would carry one on each shoulder carry them to the railroad about 1 mile a way. The lived to be 3 months from 100 years old. He was a strong natural man 5’7 180 with ripped back muscles without caring about how he looked. he just wanted to stay strong and healthy . Go figure right ?

  5. No, I won’t be selling any wildman training books any time soon.

    And your great grandfather was a beast.

  6. Ak calderon says

    @johnny grube. Did you try holding those 2 45lb plates in a one arm bear hug?? Bear hug holds are way harder than holding it to the side because the weights will press deep into your stomach making breathing very hard. Give it a try man. It will hurt but you will eventually toughen up. Training IS supposed to hurt after all. Also I read an article of yours claiming burpees are the king of conditioning, but I disagree I believe loaded Carrie’s are the real king. Any kind of carries, farmers bear hugs suitcase, they are all superior to burpees.

  7. Don’t talk to me about weighted carries, I haven’t seen you carry any weight outside your house, don’t talk about your carrying power never leaving your bedroom.

    Let’s see YOU hold real plates with no handle, you can’t reach the other end. That lift is bullshit.

    Let’s do a weighted carry up hill or carry for distance. You accept the challenge of a 160 lb 52 year old grandfather of 8?

    I will carry my bodyweight of 160 lbs, you carry your body weight of 240 lbs see who drops first. Better yet, I’ll let you only carry 160 lbs make the video and post.

    I already made my videos.

    Maybe, you can move a 1 ton the same way I did picking up and carrying a rock.

  8. Ak calderon says

    I have no hill but I do have my back yard. Yeah sure thing let’s carry our bodyweight. Let’s do it in a front carry style or maybe a bear hug carry. Expect a video at around 2 pm.

  9. Ak calderon says

    OR, we could do a one arm bear hug with half our bodyweight. I only have 45lb plates so I’ll stick with my 135lb hold. Make sure to add 15lbs to your hold. And since you think my lift is bullshit, I’ll just stop holding by the handle no problem.

  10. Nicholas Hobson says

    I have never been offended by anything you say at all. I am the same, I say what I think and whatever is on my mind too.

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