Personal Responsibility

I think this is probably the biggest problem today. People do not take
personal responsibility for their lives. Everyone blames everyone else
for their problems and wants someone else to bail them out.

Help is good, but to much help can be crippling. If people know they
will get bailed out by someone or the government  what would be
their motivation to change or help themselves.

If you want to be strong and lean if you want a better life personal
responsibility is the main reason people fail or succeed.

I was reading an article about the homeless man Ted Williams.
Ted Williams had a career in radio because of his golden voice and
lost it all when he decided to become a drug addict and alcoholic.

Mr. Williams also has done jail time for theft and forgery and many
other misdemeanors. Not to mention he is the father of nine kids.

Now everyone wants to put this drug addicted, alcoholic, criminal,
dead beat dad on a pedestal. This guy chose to do drugs, drink
booze, steal and not take care of his family.

Ted Williams didn’t wake up one day homeless, drug addicted and
a thief it was done over time, he knew what he was doing and still
continued to do it. He didn’t care whether his kids were being
cared for, he only cared about himself.

Do people deserve a second chance? Yes they do. But look at the
statistics and you will find that these people are who they are and
most will not change.

My point is why does this guy deserve all this attention? There are
plenty of men and women that struggle everyday to support their
families some work more then one job some work as many as
three jobs to support the family so why don’t we write about the
truely strong and not the weak minded “I don’t care about anyone
but myself people”. dead beat dads.

How about writing about who took care of Ted Williams kids when he
was a drug addicted alcoholic. Was the mother the sole provider or
did the government take care of his kids? He’s no hero.

The media needs to start writing and talking about real hero’s, men
and women that keep this country moving through hard work. The
people that do what needs to be done. The people that take
responsibility for their lives.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. I agree with your rant, his wife is probably the real hero, raising all those kids, while being parially blind, she even took in his child that was born to another woman! The media should be lifting her up! Check out this story:

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