Physical Fitness is NOT free

I haven’t spent much time writing because I have become disgusted  with how things are being
marketed and how we are always being told by so many different experts so many different things.

I’m no different, I’m just another person who is doing the same thing. But what I’m not doing is
trying to fool anyone with a marketing scheme to make people think that in one week they will
lose 12 lbs or make someone think they will be conditioned like some type of super hero only
training 3 times a week. Sorry, I have a job, I don’t spend all day writing and training like most
of the experts do. I don’t have college degrees. My experience comes from real world experience
of over 30 years of working labor and training, putting my body through things that would cripple
men half my age.

I think different and train different than most, I have found a system that goes
against most other training philosophies that are taught, I don’t care what people
say, I found that the more complicated my training was the less I benefited from it.

I found the more supplements and  training gear out on the market confuses people.

The reason I stick to the way I train is because I need to be able train at all times where ever
I’m at, if I need equipment or rely on equipment or supplements for my training I will be in
trouble. I also for years have trained on my own I had a few training partners over the years
but most of the 30 years of training more than half I spent training on my own.

I will never rely on some one for my training motivation it’s all me and if you need someone
to train with you you will fail, it’s mental training.  It’s you against you; it’s tougher pushing you
against you, than someone else. It’s only you, and when you can go a little harder and the only
person screaming at you is you you are a different breed.

I refuse to be like everyone else, I will do my own thing and train the way I want. I will continue
to get better while most others will take days off, or who will take a couple of weeks off for their
body to heal.

When I took those breaks for my body to heal all I was doing is letting my body get weaker
other things like traditional training and traditional training schedules was almost a waste, all I
got was years of experience.

I will not be fooled into buying expensive equipment or expensive supplements I won’t buy a pair of
$100 running shoes or the “New Toe Shoes” I will not be running in sandals  I’m not Moses or
live in the desert. I don’t have two hours a day to spend doing pullups in the park or driving to
a gym. I don’t have the time everyday to run miles upon miles and do hundreds of calisthenics
that takes up a couple of hours.

If my job was to an athlete and made millions of dollars maybe then I would buy the best training or best
running shoes and spend tons of cash on supplements but if you want to be in great physical condition
you need to train and not worry about have the best, the body will respond to hard work ,but hard
work is not FREE, it requires years of sweat and pain no special equipment or supplements just hard

My training gear is usually a pair of shorts, a shirt and a pair of sneakers and my environment. If I train
indoors it to is simple a jump rope, a small bench and some basic pieces of equipment that mostly every
one has.

If you can’t walk out your back door and motivate yourself to a high level of physical fitness no equipment
or supplement will help you.


Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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  1. Well said!!!!! I’m would much rather wait longer between your posts than get a new “how to get big guns by summer” articles every few days. I work a full time job supporting my wife and 4 kids. I couldn’t care less about washboard abs. My youngest son is 6 months old. When he is 18 I will be 56. I want my kids to have a strong capable father that can put food on the table and if push comes to shove, push and shove right back, hard!!! When I was in my late twenties I worked hard to get in shape. Taking my dad’s advice I did pushups ,sit ups, squats. And sprinted a little every day. Then I changed jobs and met some guys that lifted weights. I quit the calestenics and the pounds came back and I ended up hurting my wrists elbows and shoulders. Fast forward some years and I searched the internet for answers. I kept thinking back to my past fitness regiment. But the things I was reading said that calestenics. Every day would burn me out and not build the big muscle I wanted, right? I found some calestenics workouts that promise amazing results due to there complicated 10 exercise workouts that cycled rep ranges and imtensities every workout. About 5 min. into the 45 min workout I would lose track of which exercise/rep range/ect was next. I couldn’t read the paper through the sweat in my eyes. I would get so pissed I would just stop. I found your site by way of your. Tuff man and Matt Furrey changed my life video. video.Thak you for your no bull shit advice. You give all the info a person needs to get in shape for free! I don’t have to tell you how much it costs supporting a family so you understand how much I appreciate your time you put into your articles. My kids are enjoying the tips too. Functional exercises work.well with kids. The really like “bear crawl” rides!! Anyway stay strong, tha.ks again for your time.

  2. Well, I have finally given up the weights. I have emailed Ohn previously about how I was slowly minimising the weights and increasing the BW exercises. I have now done it and I feel great. Feel lighter and fitter and have no niggling injuries. I am more flexible as well. I can actually walk about after a heavy session rather than waddling about like an idiot. My training mainky consists on running, swimming and cycling but I also throw in some BW circuits – plenty of pull-ups. I just I wish I’d done it years ago. Too much time and too much food/money to be big. Miss a day and it shows. All round fitness stays with you and is a lot easier to maintain, especially if you mix it up and keep the workouts nice and varied. By that I do not mean a million different exercises but something like run, bike, pull-up, press-up, run, bike… Next time I might ride to the pool, swim, ride back and then do a quick circuit as soon as I am off the bike. I could never do this sort of activity when I was ‘lifting’. A lot more enjoyable as well and a lot more fresh air involved.

  3. Great post! As usual. The Moses comment cracked me up.

  4. Tha plain and simple truth……the fitness industry is bullshit but people love to be BSd.
    They will avoid the basics but buy into the BS, continuing to believe that gyms, new gear, supplements and partners will get them into that TV commercial fitness trainer shape.
    And stay in the same poor condition that they started in.
    It’s appearance over real fitness and having worked as a personal trainer and seen all the bullshit, that’s what they want and what I refused to cave in to and go along with. As a result, I no longer work as a trainer and am dead set against all the bullshit put out by the fitness industry.
    Keep up the good work Johnny !

  5. Great post, Johnny. Keep speaking your mind. Thank you.

  6. GREAT POST…Agree 100%

  7. I have let myself gain 40+ lbs, No more excuses. All your workouts are what I’ve done most of my life. Always loved bodyweight workouts. My weight gain has hampered my formerly 25 pull ups down to 5 or 6. Push ups now hurt my shoulders. I’m done whining, hitting the jump rope, plyo box, losing weight and regaining my fitness. Today. Thanks for the push. Current weight, 230, goal weight 190. Just under 6’tall. 50 years old. Later

  8. Marc Gervais says

    Finally workouts that make sense! Finally an ally in good, tough, hard common sense routines. I have worked symilar to this for years and I thought nobody else did work out like this anymore. Callisthenics have been my favorite since the Army. if you need equipment to work out…then it is a waste of time in my opinion. Callisthenics have been around since the ancient Greeks and Romans…Soldiers have traiined like this for ever. You can’t go wrong with time tested exercise like this. Keep up the good work Johnny.

  9. Anthony Romayo says

    Just wanna check in with a big thank you johnny.
    You practice what you preach.your information and
    training advice is right on. Keep it coming.

  10. Anthony Romayo Thanks! To much bullshit out there, people filling
    peoples mind with no nonsense bullshit.

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