Political Parasites Want To Eliminate America’s Children.

Brainwashed America!

Everything listed below is to stop Americans from having children, and replacing Americans with different cultures.

Without American children American society dies!

Just some of political parasites agendas.

  1. Make women more masculine and men more feminine.
  2. Give women all the power in court, to take a man’s money and children. Even though women are supposed to be as capable as men for providing.
  3. Tell women they NEED an education instead of having a family.
  4. Free porn. Men would rather jerkoff than lay down with women today.
  5. Promote degenerate lifestyles of LGBTQ. Commercials, TV shows, Hollywood movies.
  6. Free abortions.
  7. Promote more STDs through government advertisers.
  8. Promote a rape culture that doesn’t exsit.
  9. Feed the population food like soy that produces estrogen and destroys testosterone.
  10. Promote weakness as strength and strength as
  11. weakness.
  12. Invent new illnesses physical and mental to promote drug use that lowers the “Will” of man.
  13. Take away all gym and recess in schools so boys are diagnosed with behavior disorders like ADD or ADHD so they can prescribe drugs which leads to adult drug or alcohol abuse.
  14. Make competition a bad thing, take away ambition
  15. Promote obesity, tattoos, bright colored hair for girls and women.

If you have a half a brain, this will make sense.

Johnny Grube


  1. 16 Replace the traditional family unit
    17 Pay single women benefits for producing children
    18 Take responsibility for raising children from the individual and put it in the hands of the state

  2. I just realised I kind of misunderstood your post , I was reading it as the ways liberals are trying to eliminate men from the family.
    Sorry mate , have to read more carefully in future

  3. Rob, It all goes together!

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