Practice Being Physical!

A lot of the training I do or try comes unexpectedly throughout the day.

I look for ways to challenge myself without traditional equipment or exercises.

The other day while cutting my grass I routinely wear a weight vest or ankle weights, sometimes both so I decided to try Superman Pushups wearing a 40 lb weight vest and using a cinder block to make it double tough.

I managed five, despite never doing them this way. It was cool for me, because I wasn’t sure if I could do them.

I train more like kid now just having fun, moving and lifting things,sprinting hills when I see them, whatever is physical.

The other day,  I made a delivery to a gym, in the back they had some tires laying there so the one day I flipped their tire with one arm, just fucking around!

The next time at the gym, I stacked their tires, I actually used to load and unload trailer loads of car and truck tires.

Anything physical is helpful and fun!

I love that I don’t need any special equipment to get in a workout.

You don’t need anything that isn’t already in your yard, in a playground, park, in the woods, behind a gym, everywhere is a good place to be physical.

Even a found 50 lb cinder block can make an Isometric Horse Stance brutal when you hold it for time!

So, pick up a rock in the woods and carry it with you the entire hike, or bring a 30 lb dumbbell and carry it where ever you go, the options are endless!

Kids are real durable until they become adults and change their activities.

I never heard of a kid hurting his back.

Never heard of a kid who tripped over a rug and injured a knee, like a strong man I recently read about.

I guess he wasn’t that strong.

I catch shit writing about the gym not being necessary, and if i didnt see it over my lifetime I wouldn’t believe it.

Sometimes opening your eyes and paying attention can fix an old belief.

Train And Be As Physical As Possible As Much As Possible.

Johnny Grube


  1. Another truth to be told.

    Great article.

  2. Get fit for free and have fun doing it , makes sense to me.

  3. Hey Mr.Grube, I’ve been following your videos and work outs for some time. I’m interested in how the old time boxer’s train, by chopping down trees and doing manual labor. Herchel walker built his entire physique off of farm work and high rep calisthenics. It’s always confused me by long rest times that people take, I feel that if you train , you train your heart! Cause if you’re heart gives out , you give out!

    I see the stuff you do in your vidoes, moving 100 pound kegs and what not. You say you’re about 155 lb’s and if I heard that a 225 pound man was doing that I would still think it would be difficult let alone a man your size.

    You’re one tough S.O.B

  4. Thanks Jesse. Been doing it a long time.

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