Punch Proof Abs!

A Brutal exercise I have written about many times is the simple, basic
tool the Ab Wheel. The Ab Wheel is a serious strength and conditioning
tool, the problem is people find how hard it is and how sore they get then
gives up.

Lately been working on the Standing Ab Wheel Rollout and as of today
managed a TOUGH 37!

I no longer do the basic training that most people do, I do very little when
it comes to the number of exercises I do. I do the exercises that will give me
the most effective workout in the shortest amount of time.

The Ab Wheel done in higher reps more than 20 are a brutal conditioning
workout that will buildĀ  Punch Proof Abs”! When you take it to 50 or
more, even to 100, you are doing some serious training! Add a back
pack with a 25 lb plate for 100 non stop and you are fucking insane!

I don’t spend a lot of time doing this exercise, maybe once a week and the
results are AMAZING!

I have been doing them only once a week lately because I am shooting for
49 Standing Ab Wheel Rollouts on my 49th birthday as my birthday feat.

So if you are a physically fit person add these to your workout, and get
the strongest core ever built!

Men Who Are Strong Are More Valuable

Johnny Grube



  1. Even though I am currently doing ab wheels on my knees, I still shoot for 100 reps. Ab wheels are the killer.

  2. I will try..You are an inspiration at 49 years. Wow. Most people that age would be sitting in front of tv doing beer curls.
    I’ll get a wheel and see if I can beat my own age.

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