Pure Grit – Paddy Doyle

That’s the name of Paddy Doyles new book. He talks about his world records
his mind set. I have all his books and videos. If you haven’t been listen the
last couple years, I’m a big fan.

He has a circuit in the book that he uses when he trains for certain world records.

Here is what he does.

40 pressups.
100 situps.
100 bodyweight squats.
100 U.K. squat thrusts.
100 burpees.
15 minute static wall sit.
shuttle sprints 30 feet carrying 40lb dumbbells 20 times.
( up and back is 1 time)
Each exercise is to be done non-stop with a 15 second rest in between
each exercise.
Then he will repeat.

I did all the above except I struggled with the static wall sit
did a pathetic 5 minutes. But used a 100 lb heavy bag for the
30′ shuttle run.

Time 19:41 seconds. Not bad for first try.

If you want to copy someone why not try to chase a guy that has over
130 world and European records.

Toughness Builds Winners
Johnny Grube

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  1. Hi Johnny,
    Are Doyle’s books autobiographical or are they actual training manuals?
    How’s you new manual coming? Can we expect it out soon?

  2. You codunl’t pay me to ignore these posts!

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