Push, Pull And Dragging Is A Natural Strength Builder.

You can move around heavy things and never step in the gym.

Using a 3,400 lb van and a slight incline using gravity to make 3,400 lbs actually heavier and at about a 160 lbs bodyweight is pretty fucking good.

Pushing, pulling and dragging is all natural movements and build very useable blue collar strength.

Going hard with heavy weight, using gravity for a couple of minutes are more brutal than any 10 second set in the gym.

Useable, durable strength and conditioning is blue collar.

Strength Is Honor, Weakness Is Dishonor

Johnny Grube



  1. Love it . True fucking inspiration

  2. John,

    You are going to put commercial gyms out of business.

    A man can get fit and strong using just about anything.

    Pushups and situps work.

    Lifting weights in a gym works.

    Pushing a heavy car in neutral works too.

  3. back on track here. thanks again.
    my training went a bit sideways over the fall as i got back into lifting heavy weights. but I am getting back into this style of training as i once again learned the hard way what the real limitations are of lifting heavy weights.
    getting back to the epic 8 from your book man.
    weight vest step ups, pushups, pullups, ab wheel, and jump rope just to start.
    thanks again Grube.

  4. Hopefully some new articles coming soon . Always looking forward to them

  5. Irish Warrior says

    Hey Johnny how come you don’t do calisthenics like you use too ? Like jump rope , push ups , burpees, squat thrusts ? After all these build functional strength for anything you need it for .!

  6. yeah i was going to ask the same question
    i noticed not a lot of the calisthenics that you have in your older articles and videos…
    you are still putting out great content
    thanks again

  7. the old school bent of your training is refreshing in the modern times! In my younger days bodyweight,dynamic tension and the like were what was primarilly used. in jr. and senior high school football strength training was diy isometric racks set into concrete next to a rope climb rig. Judo was all bodyweight movements with partner carries .pushes,pulls and grabs with a focus on grip by grabbing the gi. my father had a small book that showed dynamic tension exercise and isometrics. now days as an old 66 soon to be 67 geezer…..sandbags, a large stone,stairs,bands and a ton of bodyweight movements mixed in with isometrics get the job done and then some! i tell everyone at work that where we are standing is all the space needed for an amazing workout…they look at me funny and walk away talking about the gym and dont even go there! keep preaching the gospel of life and physical culture…many are called, few chosen and fewer still make it a lifestyle! comfort is way overrated!!

  8. agreed. the old school mindset is really paying off for me. i have kept it real simple and am seeing the payoff. basically
    pushups, pullups, weighted stair climbs, jump rope, ab wheel, swings with a cinder block.
    i also use weight vest squats and lunges.
    feeling strong, flexible, and conditioned.
    nobody gets it, nobody has the discipline to do it.
    everyone wants the easy path.
    thanks again Grube.

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