Pushup Pinochle – Bodyweight training

If you want to try a great workout that won’t take you very long but is pretty intense
try using a deck of cards as your workout partner. The deck will push you. It’s you aganist
the deck.

This is how it works. You pick two exercises, for this example I will use squats and pushups.
Black cards will be squats and the reds pushups. Shuffle the cards good, and filp each card
if you flip a black card with a 7 you do 7 squats and you flip the next right away no rest, if you
flip a red card 10 you do 10 pushups and flip the next. Always stay in the pushup position while
flipping the cards unless you are already standing from squats.

All face cards ( jacks, queens, kings, aces ) are 10. This will have you sweating in no time. It should
take you under 10 minutes to complete all 52 cards. To challenge yourself you could go through the
deck more than once, you could have someone flip each card for you, you could make the aces 25 instead
10, you could double the number of each card. Just have fun with it.

One game I like is using a pinochle deck all high cards 9, 10, jacks, queens, kings, aces 48 cards to a deck.
A bad shuffle and your in trouble. Play like this you will burn fat build lean muscle and you will improve
your numbers of pushups.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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