Pussies Live With A Victim Mindset!

Strength can’t exist living with a victim mindset. 

Pussies live with the victim mindset.

If you support the mental illness society is pushing, you are either mentally ill or plain stupid.

Living with the victim mindset is mental illness.

When people say, “you just don’t know”. Know what? That they are looking for sympathy!

Men today with high percentage of body fat are essentially women like, very emotional just like a women.

These men hide behind the computer and are easily manipulated by whatever sickness society pushes as the new agenda.

These men will fight and tell you how strong women are while talking about toxic masculinity.

Women need men to protect them and men need women for sex. It’s the way it has always been.

Men with a victim mindset can’t be men, and only mentally ill women would accept these failures to
breed and then try to take them for all they have, but men with victim mindsets are almost always
losers and usually have nothing.

Remember weak men are the enemy of a strong society, have disdain for these men, they bring no value to a thriving society other then to do women’s work.

Look how many men choose to do jobs women can do, why? Because they are weak men!

Remember weak men want to please everyone, yet can’t please themselves!

Toughen The Fuck Up!

Johnny Grube



  1. LOL dear God man, you are in dire need of a CAT Scan, a blowjob or smoking some good weed. Chill before you have a heart attack. High level stress isn’t good for ya bro. Live a good life and fight when it’s a last resort, not at the first sign of some morons trampling on your existence which most likely never really happens. Seriously, you’re going to end up dead being mad and angry at a world that doesn’t have anything to do with you. Society is fucked up in many ways but it’s not 100% terrible, if it was, you would’ve moved out of here a long time ago. Crusade of pure bullshit and it’s going to eat you alive.

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