Quit Training Like a Sissy!

The fact is most people want the easy way out when it comes to exercise
and nutrition. Most people want to do the least possible to get results.
That is why there is a billion dollar weight loss industry.

If most people did not want the easy way out there would be no
billion dollar weight loss industry, even today’s doctors would
rather prescribe a pill than give actual medical advice.

If you watch all the “new” ways of training, they come from television.
Most people get their info from the media and if it is being done by
a celebrity and the trainer is a trainer to the stars they have to be the

Men train like sissies plain and simple, don’t like it I don’t care! Most
men would rather sit around and drink and eat junk food than get off
their ass than actually do something. I understand about life and things
need to get done, but you don’t gamble with your health and fitness.

Going through the motion for most men is okay I guess, I want men to
train like warriors, like a rampaging wildman. I think men should be
what they are men, men are tough and supposed to be physical
enough to take care of any business that is thrown their way.

The problem is jogging will not get it done, getting tone will
not get it done, the treadmill will not get it done. We need
to get back to the business of being a man, the protector,
the man that is respected, the sick and unhealthy are
usually not respected.

These are not what men want to hear, I will hear static about it,
and always do when I make these type of calls. But, all you have to
do is either look in the mirror or look around, you will see my point.

The funny thing it’s usually the real sensitive men or fat out of shape
men that have a problem, oh well!

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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  1. Good article John . Your right, most men I know who train do so like pussy’s. People stare at me when I train in public (like at the beach) like I am some freak or something. but that;s ok, I know I’m getting in some serious training. yesterday, I went to the beach and did 50 yard sprints (in fairly deep sand barefoot, great leg workout). Immediately after sprint, I did 10 prisoner squat thrusts, then sprint right back 50 yards, then 10 more squat thrusts. did this 10 times in 15 minutes. then did 5 min. of 4lb med ball throws with prisoner squat thrusts (very demanding, like in your video training in the snow). great workout, felt great afterwards, – regards, Mike.

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