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This is what drives almost everyone to respond to almost anything, but
we have become conditioned to know that there is probably a price to
pay. He’s the way I see FREE.

I always get questions like what can I do to lose weight, I’ve seen many, many times
after I give advice later the same night they get a cheese steak for dinner, or the

Will order a chef salad you know the salad full nutritious lunch meat or the hoagie
without the roll. A waste of my time.

How about the people on the forums who will bad mouth anyone they can because
they can get the same information for free. Yeah, nothing like having all day to surf the
internet while your supposed to be working, if they even have a job. I love getting
the bad mouth, like I should take some courses in grammar, so I write fast sometimes
I don’t edit, but if you have listened to me talk on my videos you can tell I’m no idiot.

Hey, I can care less who doesn’t like me, yeah that’s right, and anyone who knows me can tell
you that, andI also rub people the wrong way as a matter of fact I had someone told me to
write a book and call it “how to lose friends and piss people off”.

What about the people that get your email and never send anyone any good information
or any type of workouts, they just keep on contacting you day in and day out. At least

I feel that when I make contact I at least usually give a good workout that I actually
do or have done, that give’s you at least something I promise. Yeah, sometimes
I go off on a rant or two, but that’s just me.

The people that want FREE will usually never buy or get off their ass to try anything
so why bother, because there are some that are actually serious students.

I have been training for 30 years, ( not a misprint ) and over the years I have bought
and tried tons of supplements read tons of fitness magazines which I still have from the 70”s
and 80’s not to mention all the books I read and courses I have bought, my opinion
is if I can take their info then I usually will buy from them.

Some of the things I’ve ordered have been shit, but most I learned something, and if
I learned one thing I didn’t know It was worth it. I will spend a lot of money if I think
I will learn something I didn’t know. You don’t train for 30 years and not be student.

Some people confuse me, today I was a local farmers market and noticed two
things, one, it’s a great place to meet women because not many men go their.
( I’m married ) and two, I seen a fat walking around carrying a paper plate with two
pieces of pepperoni pizza sipping on a Pepsi. Sometimes I wonder.

So be careful giving FREE advice to people that ask, you are probably wasting
your time.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

P.S. I will posting some pushup videos on youtube so checkout my blog
and later

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