Readers Offended.

If you read my last blog post and you think I was attacking some readers you might have misunderstood what I meant.

Obsessed with other men are the Trump haters, the man wearing another man’s name on your back, ogling another man’s body, telling a guy he is jacked, being obsessed with a man who offends you with words etc!

I don’t respond negatively on other people’s blogs. I don’t personally attack individuals because I don’t like what they say, unless said to me.

I read a lot of blogs that weak men talk shit to each other while hiding in anonymity.

It’s a shit show. But I do like upsetting these men who attack and who hide. Weaklings who take down their YouTube channel when you locate them.

These people do not want to be exposed.

A lot of bullshit talking on line, but I don’t run into any tough guy talk by scrawny men outside the safe space of their cubicle.

Why do you think people aren’t acting or carrying themselves like tough guys outside the house?

Every big mouth tough guy inside his safe space who has ever been confronted is a soft weakling scared to death.

But, I won’t allow people to attack people who comment on this blog.

Disagree that’s okay, breaking balls that’s okay.

I will not have a word war that no one can win, face to face interaction is better.

Cowards hide behind their mommies skirt!

So if you were offended toughen up!

Johnny Grube


  1. Marovsky says

    Oh so that blog post was towards the bastards like this turret guy who post faggot ass comments on this blog.

    Well, keep doing your thing John Grube. Looks like I should toughen the fuck up myself, considering the fact that I misunderstood the blog.

  2. If you read the entire post, I’ve talked about the same things before.

  3. Men wearing other men’s names on their back is fucking pathetic! How men dress is pathetic as well , you have men wearing full blown NBA clothing and they couldn’t run a half a block . Men wearing superhero shirts that are fat lazy fucks and then weak fucking men wearing Jesus Saves shirts . When the fuck are they gonna start saving the day for a change and be a hero to their families . I am fucking sick of these weak fucks . I wear boots 7 days a week because I’M A FUCKING MAN ! I WORK MY ASS OFF ! Leave the athlete clothing to the pro athletes . Men don’t realize how fucking ridiculous they look wearing shit that doesn’t apply to them .

    Stay rocking on John. FUCK THESE WEAK MEN !

  4. Hi Johnny. I just got an e mail from you about misunderstanding one of your posts , which did not make sense to me at the time because I had not even read the post , I certainly never commented on it
    Now I have read it I see what you were talking about
    Just want to assure you there is certainly no misunderstanding on my part and I certainly don’t take any offence

  5. I think the kind of weak man we are talking about here is the one who verbally attacks another man because he cannot be that man. Basically jealous.

  6. Marovsky says


    It’s pretty hilarious to watch these men wear clothing that doesn’t apply to their athletic capabilities, the idea of it makes me laugh.

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