Real Prison Training! Not Convict Conditioning!

Again another prison show another workout session and not one one leg pistol, no
one arm pullups,no bull shit gymnastic type exercises just plain old basic bodyweight

Check out the guy doing ab rollouts using a frozen bottle of water!

Who would have thought to survive in prison basic training keeps prisoners alive!

No bullshit progressive training,  just guys workout! How do they do it without
the book ” Convict Conditioning” the so called book written by a prisoner who was in
and out of prisons his whole life.

Yet I have never seen any of that training in all the research I have done, all the
prisoners I personally knew as well as all the guards and police that I personally

Stop being fooled by marketing and use your fucking head!

The fitness industry is a sell out!


Toughness Builds Winners


Johnny Grube


  1. Simplicity! What a concept!

  2. The basics go a long way ! Thanks for always keeping it real brother

  3. I used to follow convict conditioning because I thought it can help me in real life, until reality came to hit me and revealed a huge hole on my armor: I maybe strong, but I wasn’t conditioned. I do high rep training from now on but I do them in partial reps to keep tension on my muscles longer. I also use the ab wheel, I can do 30 ab wheel roll outs, over 100 pushups, 300 bodyweight squats, and I am starting to do descending sets of prison squat thrusts.

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