Real Strength Is Built Naturally.

I don’t respect illegal drug users!

I don’t respect men who use drugs to enhance their sports performances.

In my eyes their accomplishments are fraudulent, not of their own strength but manufactured in a lab.

I only care about how my family views me, my siblings, wife, kids, grandkids and closest friends.

I know and my family all know I would never use drugs, especially illegal drugs to enhance my ego. Whether anyone thinks I am strong or was strong is not important what’s important to me is everything I ever did in and out of the gym is ALL me!

Real Strength Is Built Naturally!


Dragging a 100 lb heavy bag and Farmers walking with 110 lbs up a steep hill is result producing on so many levels.

In the time of social media most people are frauds looking for followers and likes.

Haters are afraid to put out their own content,  if they do they hide their identities, and almost never put out videos to show whether they are capable, they are not!

Any man infatuated with another man is real pathetic.

You know these males, they are of no value, bring no value, have no women, no kids, no money, no friends, just complete worthless, mindless nobodies.

Do you know how you know a weak male is infatuated with you? He acts like a jilted bitch who will not be ignored, really embarrassing.

I find it laughable that all the “Gym Bros” latch on to a guy who has big gym numbers but is a drug using drunk who can’t stay out of trouble.

Is he acting the part of wild and crazy tough guy or just a degenerate?

Men who follow these guys and have the same opinions and beliefs to fit in will never be strong no matter how big their gym numbers are.

  • Johnny Grube 


  1. is there much else you need, besides sprinting, carrying, climbing and some exercises like superman push ups or a few isometrics?
    i think those cover all you need.

  2. Exactly!

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