Reverse Weighted Isometric Plank.

A great body conditioner is the “Reverse Plank” and it is a simple and very effective that you will feel through the entire body.

Strength comes from a lot of things, but most believe the gym is the only place to get strong. I know longer try and convince people, because I really don’t care!

Reverse Plank is even harder with added weight, building more strength a toughness.

Grab a chair a towel or small gym mat put it on the chair, place your shoulders on the chair, extending your legs out in front of you, now being your was off the ground, until your body is completely straight and off the floor. Shoulders on the chair and feet on the ground.

Maintain this for 30 seconds to 2 minutes or longer.

Steve Maxwell has said a man that can do a “Reverse Plank” for 90 seconds is a ” Man among Men”

Build strength from all angles, don’t waste time doing things that give little results.

Johnny Grube


  1. Hell yeah, keep kicking ass Grube. I will try this myself!!

  2. Definitely gonna give this a shot

  3. I never did this exercise before.I should try it, it seems like it strengthens your whole body including your neck which is very important muscle to train for. A strong neck is very important because it can help you take punches to the head if you train boxing, not only in fighting also when you get older.Its vital to have a strong neck.

  4. Marovsky says

    First time doing the isometric, able to hold it for 90 seconds on one go, but I did struggle on the last 20 secs, my whole body was shaking bad, but pushed through the end, building the mental toughness!

    Man among men!!

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