Rock Training – The Pick up, Curl and Drop

I have come to the conclusion that how I have been able to train for
over 35 years and work as a laborer for over 30 years and continue
to train without off days and injuries, and that is to train like the
body is supposed to be trained.

Spending to much time paying attention to people that just started
training or following the newest bodybuilders program is going
to piss you off when you fail to get the results they promise.

This is a simple way to train, and to feel what the body is supposed to
be like when you are actually building a body for performance rather
then looks.

Rock training or odd object training makes the body recruit more muscles
with less weight, but with more usable strength and less injury. Picking
things up, without thinking of form will train your body to strengthen
the way a laborer is strengthened.

Lift heavy weights in the gym, and hurt your back moving furniture, lift
lighter weights, not paying attention to form and you stay strong!


Toughness Builds Winners


Johnny Grube


  1. Thank you Johnny! This sums up my whole argument against the barbell. Barbells are not accurate because they are made to be lifted and the stronger side of the body tends to compensate for the weaker side. If you can bench 400 or military press 250, outside of some stupid gym rat bragging right, who gives a shit? Go and try a 50 lb rock sometime. The barbell squat is worthless as well having a bar across your shoulders and neck with 500 lbs is not only stupid but means almost jack shit in the real world.

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