Building a rugged type of physical fitness is important outside the gym, outside the gym
is where real shit happens!

I have become Anti Gym over the years because its just like anything else today,
is getting weaker, the men are getting weaker, and their excuses are
getting weaker!

Carrying a 135 lb barbell is not as easy, a trap bar is easier and it’s why people use it,
easier to stand and walk with, easier to grip, any equipment that can make training
easier sells and bought by strong men looking to lift more easier.

Also wearing a 40 lb weight vest, steel toe boots and dragging a 125 lb heavy bag which
is awkward, walking up and back 10 yards, and the turn, is not as easy as you would

So a total of 300 lbs carried and drug for about 3 minutes, which is a long time when
its almost twice your bodyweight.

This type of training builds a strong body from the ground up, you become almost
immovable, more stable, harder to be knocked off your feet!

I just use the time I have, and what I have with me, or what I can
use in my environment, to always make the easy a little harder

Johnny Grube






  1. Tredwell Abrams says

    This looks like an awesome workout. I have to try this!

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