Safe Spaces And Weak Men!

There was a time where men could stand around, talk shit
make fun of someone by breaking his balls and few got hurt.

You either broke balls back or you stayed away.

Today little faggots need to find other weak men, who are also
easily offended so they can spend some quality time talking
about their feelings.

As a matter of fact if you have a girlfriend or wife who supports
safe spaces, transgenders and any other social agenda you aren’t
fucking her right!

Look at the guys that look to other men to learn how to pick up women,
what man really needs to learn to pick up women? It’s a man who is
afraid of his own shadow!

Men who take care of themselves who portray strength never have a
problem picking up women, EVER!

Men today are so fucking weak they are having less kids and it’s not
because they are busy in their careers, they are busy sitting home sitting
on facebook getting fatter and spending time with people who promote
weakness, almost femininity!

I hate this guy in the picture above, he is the type
guy that is the problem with today’s society!

No man should ever need a safe space!  As a matter of fact men should
be able to have their own space clubs, gyms, organizations or whatever
that exclude women and queers!

Strong men have no problem around other strong men, only men
posing as
a strong man has problems with a strong man!

I prefer gyms that are men only, men can then act like a man and
have a good time, a place where feelings won’t be hurt, a place where
men can be men!

I love when men say MY girlfriend or wife is an independent strong women
and then I say,  “then what the FUCK can you do for her”? If a man says that,
he is a weak man, who should be excluded from any male activities!

if you ain’t the man of your house you are fucking up!  If you are NOT king of
your castle you are weak and are not really a man.  You can try and tell yourself
you are, but everyone knows you are a bitch and believe me, men are laughing
at you!

Self Segregation is a good thing! Stop spending time with people who are
not like you, it will not benefit you!

Strength Seeks Strength

Johnny Grube


  1. have you heared about the topic of over-compansation?
    boy, i guess you have a really hard time at home and need your online world to let out your restricted emotions.

    but, its very entertaining for others to read.

    hope your situation at home will get better and your wife will stop beating you…

  2. Don’t worry about me. You should show some of your videos
    and maybe start a blog. I say what other men are thinking, not weak men like you, but men. See I don’t need booze, drugs, gambling or porn to get me through the day, like most weak men in a falling society.

    Look at the world like Germany and Sweden have you ever seen so many weak faggot men letting immigrants rape their women?

    You need to get out of your moms basement, stop watching porn
    and get strong!

  3. i don´t need booze, gambling or porn either.

    but who says, that to help someone or to accept that someone is diffrent than you, is a sign of weakness?

    will the world be a better place, if everyone would think the same and act the same?
    I don´t think so.
    and don´t believe everything you read about those immigrants in germany. i am from germany, and yes, some immigrants did those things, but it was a very small minority. don´t let the media fool you.

  4. You are both right in what you say men should not be afraid to be men and should be strong and helping and being compassionate and understanding to others is definatly not weak it is getting the balance right that i believe is key.

  5. to chris:
    yeah thats right, balance is the key!

  6. Man!
    John… You are awesome!

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