Salami sandwich almost gets man killed!!

A man was assaulted by a bearĀ in New jersey for his salami sandwich,instead of giving it up he fought
the bear and of course got slapped around and the bear got the sandwich. So instead of
giving up the sandwich he rather fight to the end.

This is one reason to eat better. Wild animals never attack anyone for a salad or a protein drink
they like things they don’t get in the wild like a salami sandwich. This bear actually did this guy a favorĀ 
by taking the sandwich off his hands he could go without a meal.

But really, this is a sad fact that I’ve seen over years. Men will bring their lunches to work and will always
have the standard lunch some kind of meat sandwich a lot of different snacks like cupcakes,ring dings
pop tarts,cookies and a piece of fruit usually a banana or apple.

At the end of the day they always want to give away the piece of fruit they didn’t eat but will never part
with their pop tart. Another example working at UPS, management would buy them donuts on Fridays
by the afternoon, no more donuts.

Then one day they bought them a fruit tray, come afternoon most of the fruit was brown,they didn’t
eat it. So with the obesity problem and all the disease how can anyone really blame anyone but

Remember it’s your responsibility.

Toughness Build Winners

Johnny Grube

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