Saying “I Have No Time To Train” Is saying I no Longer Care!

There are really no excuses for being a weak man who buy’s into the “I have no time to train”

Men don’t train because it isn’t important enough for them, they don’t care their kids or grandkid’s watch dad or granddad slowly become weak men who no longer have any fight left in them, men who no longer stand up for what’s right.

Men who hide and drink beer while watching endless sports on tv wondering why they can no longer spring from the couch, they now enlist their kids or grandkids in their life of taking a trip to the fridge
for another beer.

Toughen The FUCK Up

Johnny Grube


  1. No time is one excuse , the other is “Can’t afford to join a gym ” But look at the shit people DO spend time and money on !

  2. On a positive note, this is what I would want for my future kids and teaching them the value of play with bad ass stuff. Already got a few of them myself and would love to do this kind of stuff with them.

    This is how REAL MEN train too.

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