School Of Hard Knocks

Today the “school of hard knocks” philosophy is a thing of the past!

Today it’s the “bubble wrap” society of physically and mentally weak men.

Males who are useless attack behind closed doors they can’t confront a real men face to face.

A real man would laugh in the face of a closet tough guy, they hide like cowards hoping they are never found.

I always did better and respected people who didn’t accept my excuses, who called me out when I fucked up.

If course I hated it, but it made me better. I was mad, not at someone calling me out, but pissed at myself because I knew they where right!

People stayed on me, broke my balls when ever I was slacking or acting weak it was not tolerated, at home, at school, playing sports, in the gym or at work!

If you were weak you were teased, which is basically being bullied.

I grew up when bullies ruled and you were responsible for taking care of your own business. No one went to an adult or authority figure to protect them, they handled it or they suffered for it.

Strong kids took matters in their own hands, weak kids did not.

Weak kids have weak parents, these kids grow into weak adults and raise weak kids, who hide and fight over social media, without social media these outcast just fade away never being anyone.

No one respects weak men, not men, women or children.

Strength is vilified by today’s “bubble wrapped” society, it hurts the weak males feelings.

I’m offended by the easily offended weak male, the cunt of society, the man who can barely support himself because of his lack of strength.

The school of hard knocks is a great learning institution, my kids graduated from that school, I never allowed excuses, they were always made to be responsible for their actions and they paid for it when they fucked up.

I was hard on them, sometimes to hard, but now they have good stories to tell.

My son can tell the story of him digging ditches because he was failing in school.

My daughter’s can tell the stories of doing pushups or climbing a steep mountain to get off punishment.

I wanted my kids to grow hard to be able to survive in the real world, not like weak males who don’t deserve a bride or unable to procreate.

Discipline is part of the school of hard knocks, discipline scares weak males, strong people strive for more and more discipline while closet weaklings run away hoping to avoid discipline.

The harder it gets the better you become assuming you are tough enough to adjust and deal with adversity, discipline and take responsibility!

Every man who graduated from the school of hard knocks can always spot the male who graduated from “Bubble Wrap U” he’s the weak one crying and making excuses!l

Toughen Up!

Johnny Grube


  1. Discipline is like me doing the 24 minute isometric workout (12 min horse stance, 12 min push up hold) TWICE!

  2. Job I been working for has been having issues disciplining their workers . I am dealing with 2 weak men at the moment in my department. They’re pitiful . I am always picking up their slack , don’t get me wrong it’s getting me a shitload of overtime which I’m loving but I am just so sickened of the weakness of the managers not disciplining these bastsrds. I am runner up for department manager and once I get it these 2 bastards are getting canned . That’s my word ! I’ve already told the managers … discipline either makes a great employee or breaks them and makes them quit or get fired and therefore that opens the doors to finding a better employee.

    Weakness needs to be called out at all times . It is the only way to a better society .

  3. Jesse Ryan Asner says

    “bubble wrap university”. Johnny, that’s gold, i’m going to use that for the rest of my days.

  4. You must set goals that you wish to achieve, and have the discipline to do what you need to do to accomplish your goals. As you say, nobody respects a weak man, a man who cannot back up what he says and shirks his responsibilities to his family, to his job, and to his country. Long ago when I was in high school, if two guys got into it at school, they were marched to the gym to settle it then and there with boxing gloves, Nowadays there would be a big lawsuit over this. Some of my best friends were made this way, we settled our differences, and respected one another thereafter.

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