Scientists 'grow' meat in laboratory

Read this story, Hard to believe that we would make meat in a lab.
We already have enough problems with food today, now we are
making meat in labs.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Fuckin Wow! Are you serious!? I have nothing against vegetarians but come-on! There’s a point when ethics becomes neurotic, harmful, and just plain stupid…we don’t want to hurt the little piggies but we’ll kill you if you do or, better yet, we’ll kill ourselves w/ this bullshit. For people who want to ‘be nice to nature’ they sure love to play God. That’s like Fundamentalist Christians killing doctors who perform abortions. OxyMorons. Now, I’m not saying it’s vegetarians who had the idea of course but if they’d buy and support it – just as evil and recockulous. Save the world…HA!

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