Seeing An Athletic Person In Public Is Rare!

One thing I love doing is watching people, people are so easy to figure out. Listen to what they say, watch what they buy, watch what they eat, watch how they move, watch how they dress their kids, watch the way they drive, watch the way they present themselves.

Try this, next time you’re out in public try and pick out any man that looks remotely athletic, and carries himself with confidence.

I bet you will have a real difficult time. Athletic looking women are actually easier to find than men, I also notice its older women who seem to care how they look compared to the young college girls I see on campus everyday.

It isn’t hard in today’s sloppy society to stand out. Women want muscle. Women don’t want skinny fat runners, or “Planet Fitness” treadmill walkers, they want a man who looks like a man!

Even if a guy who trains and is fat, you can tell that he is not the normal land whale struggling to walk across the parking lot with an oversized lunch box filled with donuts and cup cakes, because he carries himself with confidence.

It really is pathetic. And it is really the things are!

Men and women have given up! Because no one is judged anymore, it’s wrong to shame fat people, why hold someone accountable?

Soon it will be against the law to NOT date a fat women, it will be discriminating, to not bed down a sweaty hog!

It isn’t hard to be above average today, if you’re not it’s your fault!

Johnny Grube


  1. Marovsky says

    Painful truth.

  2. I’m a laborer as well and this doesn’t stop in physical work environments.. still see mostly men with pregnant bellies complaining about how tough the job is

  3. Yes soon to be comp cases.

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