Self -Education Or Formal Education.

Today’s formal education is an “Indoctrinated education”.

Most of the education system is nothing more than pushing an agenda of social issues disguised as foral education.

Most people go to college for useless degrees then feel entitled to a great job earning six figures.

I know many formally educated who need two incomes to survive. 

I also know many so called uneducated who earn $50,000 to close $100,000 a year.

Living here in central Pennsylvania you can live earning $50,000 and live awesome on over $100,000 a year.

Most go to college to learn from people who never had a real job out of college.

Most who teach business have NEVER owned a business. You can read the same books as the guy teaching the class for a lot less then what you pay for a piece of paper entitling you to a job.

At 24 years old I bought my first home with my then 20 year old girlfriend, now wife of 26 years, and lived next to a lawyer about 40 years old with two kids as young as my two youngest kids, he lived in the same exact home.

Me, self educated. Him, formal education living in the same identical home.

My girlfriend / wife was also a stay at home mom until my youngest two were in school, yet the next door lawyer wife worked putting their kids in daycare.

Then I bought a vacation home in central Pennsylvania, used it for three years while we decided to move our family to a safer, better environment.

Sold our home in New Jersey and moved to central Pennsylvania and started over, that was over 12 years ago. 

Today I live in a highly educated area, Penn State University is five miles away, and I live in the same neighborhood as the college educated.

I also found many college educated people read few books, and the books I notice are fiction books, I rarely see any non fiction books on the small bookshelf in their home.

Yet, I have a massive home library on all subjects, and no fiction.

Just like Hollywood who live in a land of make believe, I believe people who read mostly fiction lack reality.

So how do the formally educated who rarely read get their educated opinions and beliefs?

But, I’m 51 with 4 grown kids and seven grandkids and an eighth on the way, while the college indoctrinated people are in their late 30’s with a kid as young as my youngest grandkids.

Say what you want, I wouldn’t change a fucking thing!

Anyone can have a good life, and raise a family if they have a kick ass work ethic, stop making excuses and blaming others for their lack.

Johnny Grube


  1. Andrew stone says

    Hi john
    Similar situation here in the UK.
    At 55 I am mortgage free on the house we live in and on an apartment I rent out.
    All from hard and dirty work in the cleaning industry.
    Most of my neighbours seem to be teachers and finance workers.
    Don’t seem to have any better standard of living than me.


  2. So glad someone is speaking out on this matter . When I would talk about this people always looked at me as if I had 3 heads or something . I’ll take it even a little further … I say these guys and girls coming out of college and being managers in labor environments is a spit in the face to the labourers that put their back into their living for years on end all to not be promoted but bring in some youngster’s who sat in a class and then come in to manage a labor environment.

    Don’t get me wrong I also agree with what you’ve said about men in multiple articles as well and in videos where you say if they’re not moving up in a company they have poor work ethic . Sad part is these days most do attain a poor work ethic . However there are the rare cases where hardworking men are working their asses off and yes they’re getting raises etc . But are never able to run the place due to bringing these college grads in . (Me personally I wouldn’t even want to stop labouring) as you said … (I love to get paid for being a man) . This era is pushing a society of girly men coming out of colleges for a few reasons , one because men are even becoming weaker and two these men coming from these colleges are easily ruled . They have no back bone , they would never stand up for themselves let alone other workers . They’re even putting many more women in labor environments due to these two reasons I mentioned above as well . Men stay strong , stay eager and as Johnny Grube said …. If you can’t raise up in one company , pick up and leave and go to another .

    Awesome article brother

  3. Nice job!

  4. And loser excuse makers will always hate the hard work.

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