Self Hate is Societies New Ritual!

Self Hate is Societies New Ritual!

Self hate is becoming more and more apparent. Look around, drive by
any bar and restaurant the parking lots are always full, there is no recession
when it comes to self hate. But the people that point this out appear to be the
ones that hate.

It is your right to live the life you want, and to not be bothered,
and if you are aware that you do this and don’t care more power to you
“No sympathy for the Stupid and lazy”.

 More people are looking to escape their pathetic life with smoking, booze,
drugs and food. Think about it, do you really need to drink most nights to relax?
If so why? Because you enjoy one or two or do you need a 12 pack? Just admit
that life is about slipping in to a self induced coma of bad habits. We seem to be
living in a world of sympathy.

Health and fitness has become almost like religion some just don’t want to hear it.
Then there are all the excuses as to why life is like this for some. And the real answer
is people are weak minded and don’t care enough to enjoy their life without mood
altering drugs.

I take heat every time I write something that attacks the people that use in excess.
The truth is no longer accepted, perception is the big problem; people’s reality is
just that, their reality. I have found people will tell you they know and that they take
responsibility but their action contradict their lifestyle.

When I hear of an illegal drug over dose or any self induced illness or disease
I feel no compassion for that person, I do feel bad for the family who have to deal
with the tragedy and how uncaring the person that abused himself was by doing
this to his family.

When I hear about someone who has a drug issue or booze issue or is overweight
I will never give that person sympathy. That person put in a lot of time abusing him or
herself, now they want everyone to come to their rescue and save them. It was their
choice day in and day out, when they are ready, they can help themselves out.

Who really wants to help the person who just got their second DUI? A fool does.

I even told my own children don’t come to me for a bail out, they make their own
choices they weren’t raised with booze or drugs in their life; if they decide to become
addicted they are on their own.

But I can hear the excuses now, and how someone will be offended by what
I have written, but people need to start being stronger physically and mentally
and do what is right for the most important thing they were given in good faith
“The Mind and Body”

Yesterday is just that, Yesterday. Every day is another day to do better, failing
is not failing, quitting is failing, and you will find you will get a lot of help if you really
are determined. But will find no help when you continue to waste people’s time with a
lot of talking and no action.

You don’t ask someone for help with food choices and five minutes later order a
mega meal and two gallons of soda, don’t ask for help unless you are willing to take
the advice and run with it, no one and I mean no one wants’ to waste their time!

Toughness Builds Winners


  1. Self-hatred? I see it as short-term hedonism. It feels good so do it. Long term is lunch tomorrow mentality. I just saw that sales are up in Starbucks despite the bad economy! Preparing a nutritious breakfast or lunch and brown bagging it is for old farts, I guess.

  2. I came across this by accident, but I like the way you think. I am working in Thailand atm and since getting here I have lost 1.5lbs a week from just eating healthily and in only having a drink in moderation. I sit across from a fat girl who keeps complaining she is getting fatter and gives me a dirty look if I mention I have lost weight in response. At the same time every day this fatty goes to a 7-11 for lunch (because she doesnt like the free lunch) buys fried chicken, has an ice lolly and to top that I often see her going to the 7/11 after work for her tea. She annoys me so much because she reminds me of the laziness of people every bloody day and that people can always create and excuse. Balls

  3. Paul Jarrett says

    Well said. I preach this to my 19 year old son on a regular basis. I personally feel that I have an obligation to my self and the people around me to be both mentally and physically strong. You are correct, we all have free will but it seems like such a waste of life to destroy our minds and body’s with drugs, alcohol, and a host of other bad habits.

  4. BodyweightReallyIsBetter says

    Your post is 100% spot on. The only ones who would disagree are those that don’t want to hear or except the truth. We live in a world that thrives on excuse-making. Victim-mentality is at an all-time high. I also have zero sympathy for druggies or alcoholics. They’re pathetic, end of story. I choose to have blueberries with granola and milk for my average breakfast. My body has thanked me and I love what I see in the mirror. Sure, I could be one of the sheeple and got some “McBreakfast” from McDonalds as many do, but I CHOOSE not to. F those sheeple and their pathetic, weak souls.

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