Short Training Throughout The Day Is Natural To Man!

I don’t find necessary to have long drawn out workouts, scheduled training, or traditional training, I think with over 400 Youtube videos I proved its not necessary to train with traditional training.

I got tired of devoting so much time to strength only to find that much shorter, more natural, quick explosive workouts are great ways to a high level of “Conditioned Strength”.

I test myself, and the results are always good, 1 rep strength has never, never amounted to much but build my ego.

But dead lifting 135 lbs @ a bodyweight of 155 lbs 585 times in an hour is brutal, and the challenge is there for any and all.

But most of the time I do short explosive workouts, and can do things like “Standing Ab Wheel Rollouts” without practicing them, but when I lifted heavy I was never able to do them.

Whether I’m doing Weighted Isometric Horse Stance wearing a 25 lb back pack holding 3 lb dumbbells while doing front punches, it all has workable use.

No one can say traditional gym training is actually natural to man, or that sitting down with 500 lbs and standing up is really beneficial in real life.

All my life as a laborer, I never had to shoulder and squat 500 lbs, all though I did shoulder a 300 lb roll of flooring and walk it down the dock into another trailer, because I wanted to, but it wasn’t necessary.

Point me in the direction of the man who trains heavy, who isn’t always hurt or in recovery, man was made to be active daily, all day NOT an hour a day!

I will continue with short workouts, and continue to get better with age while the rest break down and fade away!

I couldn’t care any less of anyone pays attention, but I have experienced, the results and will continue on my path!

Men that go off the path and refuse to follow the masses are always the crazy ones, and I’m cool with that, now for a set of one or two  of one minute of “Military Squat Thrusts” as fast possible!

Johnny Grube


  1. Simple and brutal workouts works and always will, even in jails.

  2. I never understood why people planned workouts at certain times . I can understand when work is a factor but there’s still really no reason to always plan . Life isn’t planned when you need to use your body . A person coming to rob you for example isn’t going to say (Hey what time is your workout, I’ll come then to rob you) or if you had to use your body for any other person . I do manual labor and any little chance I get at work I’m doing some form of exercise , whether that be pushups, burpees, military squat thrust. Whatever the moment calls for . I love having the rush in my body from working and working out . Nothing compares if you ask me.

  3. @Chuck
    I fully agree because life is unpredictable and it will throw things in your way that you weren’t prepared for.

  4. Last summer I move to truckloads each with 10 yd.³ of dirt and I moved it all with a shovel and a wheelbarrow. That’s real life work and squatting 600 pounds would’ve not made it easier.
    Happy new year. Keep up the good work!

  5. @Jessie

    You got that right brother. These people out here are doing workouts that are pointless and that is leaving them sore for days on end . I was telling Marovsky on another post a few days ago how a guy I work with at my job who’s bulky and lifts weights yet is the laziest worker . Always leaning on shit, always dragging through the day while people 3 times his age are working faster than him . Big and bulky for nothing and can’t even move pallets around smh

  6. @Jessie
    Yeah, it was embarrassing. The guy should have respected bodyweight workouts, but it seems like the “gym culture” got to his head, and all those time of lifting weights came back to bite him straight in the ass.

  7. I’ve noticed you’re incorporating more isometrics into your workouts. That is, more in your videos and posts. I’m aware that you’ve always used/thought highly of them though – whether the push-up hold or “resting” while trying to complete a circuit etc. Especially in a physical labor environment – “just a fact of life” as you put it. It reminds me of holding 5/8″ drywall up on the ceiling, cursing my fellow workers to screw it in faster. haha.

    So do we have the pleasure of getting an “Epic 8” most realistic isometric positions to add to our “real life” workouts? I’m sure I speak for most when I say that would be a great addition to your published works and our libraries/daily challenge. I tell many people that all one really needs is UFin5mins, Pushups, Hardcore Fitness (for burpee variations etc.), and Stone Paul’s “Isometric Mind” to develop a peak level of fitness. The latter 2 are, truthfully, just luxury for us. Simple and to the point is where its at.

  8. Short intense workouts are the way to go, and Johnny you have been teaching this a long time now, way before others jumped on the bandwagon. You posted an email or article years ago about doing 25 pushups, sit ups, and squats when getting out of bed, before each meal, and before bed. That article really wised me up, and I have been doing short mini workouts like this ever since. I want to thank you for posting that article. Do you remember the article? Maybe you could repost it. Have a great 2018.

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